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1001 (MI) was a common year starting on Wednesday in the Gregorian calendar. It is confirmed that the year 1001 AD was claimed to be the beginning of the 11th century and the second millennium.


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People of the year 1001 at Familypedia

7 people were born in 1001

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Godwin of Wessex (1001-1053)
Adèle de Bretagne (c1001-1067)Geoffroi I de Bretagne (980-1008)Hawise of Normandy (c978-1034)
Mahaut de Louvain (c1001-c1049)Lambert I de Louvain (950-1015)Gerberga of Lower Lorraine (c975-1018)
Eberhard of Brandenburg (c1001-c1048)Godizo of Beteau (c990-1018)
Suthen (c1001-)
Duncan I of Scotland (1001-1040)Crínán, Abbot of Dunkeld (-1045)Bethóc of Scotland (c980-)
Gisele von Luxemburg (1019-aft1058)Friedrich I von Luxemburg (965-1019)Irmtrud von Gleiberg (972-aft985)

6 children were born to the 4 women born in 1001

4 people died in 1001

 FatherMotherAge at death
Rotlind of Arles (c930-1001)Hugh of Arles (bef885-948)Rotrude71
Hubert of Pavia (?-1001)Bernard of Pavia (?-?)Rotlind of Arles (c930-1001)
Hugh of Tuscany (c950-1001)Hubert of Arles (c922-c968)Willa of Spoleto (?-?)
Gerberga von Bayern (c940-1001)Heinrich I von Bayern (c920-955)Judith von Bayern (925-985)61

372 people lived in 1001

Abd al-Rahman Sanchuelo (983-1009)Al-Mansur Ibn Abi Aamir (c938-1002)Urraca Sanchez of Pamplona (?-?)
Abu al-Qasim Muhammad ibn Abbad (984-1042)Ismail of Seville, Judge/Iman of Seville
Anleta of Scotland (986-c1033)Malcolm II of Scotland (c954-1034)
Malcolm II of Scotland (c954-1034)Kenneth II of Scotland (bef954-995)Unknown of Leinster (c930-)
Adalbert I Arbald (986-1041)Rostaing Arbald (965-1023)Dame de Roussillon (965-?)
Rostaing Arbald (965-1023)Pons Arbald (930-?)Hermengarde of Arles (940-999)
Charles of Argouges (1000-c1047)Torf of Argouges (980-1020)Amicie d'Estouteville (975-?)
Torf of Argouges (980-1020)Bernard of Argouges (950-?)Catherine de Bricquebec (955-c1002)
Aldonza Ordóñez (c999-aft1032)Ordoño Ramírez de León (c981-aft1024)Cristina Bermúdez de León (?-bef1051)
Alfonso V de León (994-1028)Bermudo II de Léon (c953-999)Elvira García de Castilla (965-1017)
Ordoño Ramírez de León (c981-aft1024)Ramiro III of León (961-985)Sancha Gómez de Saldaña y Liébana (?-?)
Baldricus, Seigneur de Bacqueville (-1033)
Nicolas, Seigneur de Bacqueville (-1039)Baldricus, Seigneur de Bacqueville (-1033)
Bernhard II. von Haldensleben (c990-c1046)Bernhard von Haldensleben (-aft1018)Unknown von Orlamünde (?-?)
Bernhard I von Sachsen (c950-1011)Hermann Billung (c906-973)Oda (?-?)
... further results

Events of the year 1001 at FamilypediaEdit

3 people were married in 1001.

 Joined with
Turquetil de Neufmarché (980-1036)Anceline de Montfort-sur-Risle (984-c1031)
Teresa de León (c992-1039)Muhammed bin Abi Amir (?-1002)
Anceline de Montfort-sur-Risle (984-c1031)Turquetil de Neufmarché (980-1036)

There were 0 military battles in 1001.

0.018817204301075 1.5 0.010752688172043

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