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Centuries: 11th century - 12th century - 13th century
Decades: 1070s  1080s  1090s  - 1100s -  1110s  1120s  1130s

Years: 1098 1099 1100 - 1101 - 1102 1103 1104
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1102 in other calendars
Gregorian calendar 1102

Ab urbe condita 1855
Armenian calendar 551
Bahá'í calendar -742 – -741
Buddhist calendar 1646
Coptic calendar 818 – 819
Ethiopian calendar 1094 – 1095
Hebrew calendar 4862 4863
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat 1157 – 1158
 - Shaka Samvat 1024 – 1025
 - Kali Yuga 4203 – 4204
Holocene calendar 11102
Iranian calendar 480 – 481
Islamic calendar 495 – 496
Japanese calendar
 - Imperial Year Kōki 1762
Julian calendar 1147
Korean calendar 3435
Thai solar calendar 1645




See also 1102 deaths.

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People of the year 1102 at Familypedia

13 people were born in 1102

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Henri I de Toul (c1102-1165)Dirk II de Lorraine (c1050-1115)Gertrude of Flanders (1080-1117)
Isabel de Beaumont (c1102-c1172)Robert de Beaumont (1049-1118)Elizabeth de Vermandois (c1081-1131)
Roger of Warwick (1102-1153)Henry of Warwick (c1036-1119)Marguerite du Perche (c1075-c1122)
Robert de Massey (c1102-aft1124)Hamon I de Massey (c1056-c1101)Margaret de Sacie (c1077-)
Robert III de Sablé (c1102-1152)Lisiard de Sablé (c1072-aft1123)Tiphaine de Briolé
Andrei Vladimirovich of Volyn (1102-1141)Vladimir II Vsevolodovich Monomakh of Kiev (1053-1125)Nomen nescio
Eléonore of Blois (c1104-1147)Stephen II, Count of Blois (c1045-1102)Adela of Normandy (c1062-1138)
Guillaume VI de Montpellier (1102-1171)Guillaume V de Montpellier (1075-1122)Ermessinde de Melgueil (1075-c1122)
Sancha of León (c1102-aft1125)Alfonso VI of León and Castile (1040-1109)Zaida of Seville (?-?)
Matilda of Normandy (1102-1167)Henry I of England (1068-1135)Matilda of Scotland (c1080-1118)
Estefania of Urgell (c1102-1143)Ermengol V of Urgell (1078-1102)Maria Ansúrez (?-?)
Tochter von Stade (c1102-)Lothar-Udo III. von Stade (c1070-1106)Irmgard von Plötzkau
Heinrich II. von Stade (c1102-1128)Lothar-Udo III. von Stade (c1070-1106)Irmgard von Plötzkau

3 children were born to the 6 women born in 1102

24 people died in 1102

 FatherMotherAge at death
Ida von Sachsen (-1101)Bernhard II von Sachsen (990-1059)Eilika von Schweinfurt (1000-1059)
Bruno von Egisheim (c1046-1102)Heinrich von Dagsburg (c1022-c1065)Tochter von Moha56
Etienne I de Bourgogne (1065-1102)Guillaume I de Bourgogne (1020-1087)Etiennette37
Wladyslaw I Herman of Poland (c1044-1102)Casimir I of Poland (1016-1058)Maria Dobroniega of Kiev (bef1012-1087)58
Aénor d'Amboise (1055-c1102)Sulpice I d'Amboise (1030-1074)Denise de Fougères (1030-1096)47
Stephen II, Count of Blois (c1045-1102)Theobald III de Blois (1012-1089)Garsende du Maine (c1010-c1060)57
Ide de Boulogne (c1055-c1102)Eustache II de Boulogne (c1017-1087)Ide de Verdun (c1040-1113)47
Adelaide de Carcassonne (c1040-c1102)Pierre Raymond de Carcassonne (?-c1061)Rangearde Trencavel (1033-1077)62
Hugues I de Clermont (c1030-1102)Renaud de Creil (c1000-aft1048)Ermengarde de Clermont-en-Beauvaisis (c1010-?)72
Beatrix de Lorraine (c1050-c1102)Gerard IV de Lorraine (c1000-1070)Hedwige de Namur (c1011-c1070)52
Hugues VI de Lusignan (1051-1102)Hugues V de Lusignan (1016-1060)Almodis de La Marche (c1020-1075)63
Ermengarde de Melgueil (1055-c1102)Raymond I de Melgueil (1015-1079)Beatrice of Poitou (c1025-1109)47
Judith de Melgueil (1049-c1096)Raymond I de Melgueil (1015-1079)Beatrice of Poitou (c1025-1109)53
Ermentrude de Montdidier (c1053-aft1102)Hilduin IV de Montdidier (c998-c1063)Alix de Roucy (c1010-1063)49
Albert III de Namur (1027-1102)Albert II de Namur (c1000-1063)Regelinde de Lorraine (1005-1068)75
... further results

895 people lived in 1102

Bonyak (c1076-c1167)
Roger (1057-1120)Anschitil (bef1040-bef1086)
Guigues I de Forez (c1092-aft1137)Guigues-Raymond of Albon (c1071-c1118)Ida-Raimunde de Lyon (c1055-c1095)
Guigues-Raymond of Albon (c1071-c1118)Guigues II of Albon (c1025-1079)Ines of Barcelona (1056-1071)
Guglielmo V del Monferrato (1100-1190)Ranieri de Montferrat (c1084-1135)Gisele de Bourgogne (1075-aft1133)
Henri I de Toul (c1102-1165)Dirk II de Lorraine (c1050-1115)Gertrude of Flanders (1080-1117)
Dirk II de Lorraine (c1050-1115)Gerard IV de Lorraine (c1000-1070)Hedwige de Namur (c1011-c1070)
Ermengarde d'Anjou (c1068-1146)Fulk IV, Count of Anjou (1043-1109)Hildegarde de Beaugency (c1045)
Geoffrey IV Martel (c1072-1106)Fulk IV, Count of Anjou (1043-1109)Ermengarde de Bourbon (c1050)
Urso de Arbitot (-1118)Aumaury de Arbitot (-1056)
Colette of Argouges (1075-c1122)Vautier of Argouges (1035-c1082)
Bernard III of Armagnac (c1070-c1110)Girard de Gascogne (c1040-1095)Azivelle de Lomagne
Géraud III of Armagnac (1100-1160)Bernard III of Armagnac (c1070-c1110)Alpaïde de Turenne (1075-aft1100)
Albrecht von Brandenburg (c1100-1170)Otto von Ballenstedt (c1071-1123)Eilika von Sachsen (c1081-1142)
Otto von Ballenstedt (c1071-1123)Adalbert II von Ballenstedt (c1030-c1080)Adelheid von Weimar (c1055-1100)
... further results

Events of the year 1102 at FamilypediaEdit

5 people were married in 1102.

 Joined with
Constance de Vermandois (1083-c1130)Geoffroy de Meaux (1090-1152)
Robert de Bourgogne (1040-1113)Sibylle of Sicily
Bolesław III Wrymouth of Poland (1086-1138)Zbyslava of Kiev (c1087-c1112) + Salomea von Berg-Schelklingen (c1099-1144)
Zbyslava of Kiev (c1087-c1112)Bolesław III Wrymouth of Poland (1086-1138)
Fille de Rethel (c1080-c1127)Leo I of Armenia (?-1140)

There were 1 military battles in 1102.

 Event date
Battle of Ramla (1102)17 May 1102 JL
0.014525139664804 0.5 0.026815642458101

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