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Gregorian calendar 1158

Ab urbe condita 1911
Armenian calendar 607
Bahá'í calendar -686 – -685
Buddhist calendar 1702
Coptic calendar 874 – 875
Ethiopian calendar 1150 – 1151
Hebrew calendar 4918 4919
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat 1213 – 1214
 - Shaka Samvat 1080 – 1081
 - Kali Yuga 4259 – 4260
Holocene calendar 11158
Iranian calendar 536 – 537
Islamic calendar 552 – 553
Japanese calendar
 - Imperial Year Kōki 1818
Julian calendar 1203
Korean calendar 3491
Thai solar calendar 1701




Heads of statesEdit

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People of the year 1158 at Familypedia

11 people were born in 1158

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Alan FitzBrian (c1158-)Brian FitzAlan (c1134-)
Alice FitzWalter (-1213)Walter FitzRobert (-1198)Maude de Lucy (-c1198)
Geoffrey Luttrell (c1158-1217)Alfred de Luttrell (c1105-1170)
Geoffrey, Duke of Brittany (1158-1186)Henry II of England (1133-1189)Eleanor of Aquitaine (1122-1204)
Thiébaut I de Bar (1158-1214)Renaud II de Bar (1115-1170)Agnès de Champagne (1138-1207)
Adélaïde de Toulouse (1158-1200)Raymond V de Toulouse (1134-1194)Constance Capet (c1124-1176)
Willem II van Egmond (1221-1304)Gerard van Egmond (1200-1242)
Willem I van Egmond (1180-1234)Wouter I van Egmond (1158-1208)Mabilia van IJselmonde (1160-?)
Wouter I van Egmond (1158-1208)Aelbrecht van Egmond (1130-1168)
Agnes von Saffenberg (c1158-1201)Hermann V. von Saffenberg (c1125-1172)Tochter von Müllenark
Helena of Hungary (c1158-1199)Géza II of Hungary (c1130-1162)Euphrosyne of Kiev (c1130-c1193)

4 children were born to the 4 women born in 1158

17 people died in 1158

 FatherMotherAge at death
Adalberon de Chiny (c1081-1158)Arnoul I de Chiny (?-1106)77
Sancho III, King of Castile (1134-1158)Alfonso VII, King of León and Castile (1105-1157)Berenguela of Barcelona (1116-1149)24
Ragnald III Kali (c1093-1158)Gunghild Erlendsdatter (c1073-c1120)Kol Kalisson65
Sofia of Turov (c1110-1158)Yaroslav Svyatopolkich of Turov (c1091-1123)Sophia of Poland (c1089-c1112)48
Ekkehard von Seeburg (c1118-1158)Gero von Seeburg (1097-1133)Mathilde von Wettin (c1100-1125)40
Barthélemy II de Grandson (bef1110-1158)Ebles I de Grandson (bef1087-1133)Adelaide48
Adelaide de Louvain (c1094-c1158)Henri III de Louvain (c1063-1095)Gertrude of Flanders (1080-1117)64
Clémence de Namur (c1112-1158)Godefroi I de Namur (1068-1139)Ermesinde von Luxemburg (1075-1143)46
Bernard III de Saint-Valéry (1087-1158)Gauthier de Saint-Valery (1064-1112)Elizabeth de Montlhery (c1040-)71
Agnès de Savoie (c1138-1172)Amédée III de Savoie (1095-1149)Mahaut d'Albon (1112-1148)20
Mathilde de Savoie (1125-1158)Amédée III de Savoie (1095-1149)Mahaut d'Albon (1112-1148)33
Ebria de Trevors (c1085-1158)Robert de Trevors (c1065-)Matilda (Maud) Meschin (1069-)
Godfried van Cuyk (1100-1158)Hendrik I van Cuijk (c1070-1108)58
Berwout II van Egmond (1095-1158)Berwolt I van Egmond (1050-1093)63
Albert I. von Everstein (c1120-1158)Konrad I. von Everstein (-1128)Mechthild von Itter (c1100-c1147)38
... further results

863 people lived in 1158

Bonyak (c1076-c1167)
Mabel of Gloucester (c1155-1198)William Fitz Robert, 2nd Earl of Gloucester (-1183)Hawise de Beaumont (c1125-c1172)
Robert of Gloucester (1151-1166)William Fitz Robert, 2nd Earl of Gloucester (-1183)Hawise de Beaumont (c1125-c1172)
Guigues II de Forez (c1130-1226)Guigues I de Forez (c1092-aft1137)Fille de Beaujeu
Alasia del Monferrato (1150-1232)Guglielmo V del Monferrato (1100-1190)Judith von Österreich (c1118-aft1168)
Bonifacio del Monferrato (1150-1207)Guglielmo V del Monferrato (1100-1190)Judith von Österreich (c1118-aft1168)
Corrado del Monferrato (1140-1192)Guglielmo V del Monferrato (1100-1190)Judith von Österreich (c1118-aft1168)
Guglielmo del Monferrato (c1140-1177)Guglielmo V del Monferrato (1100-1190)Judith von Österreich (c1118-aft1168)
Guglielmo V del Monferrato (1100-1190)Ranieri de Montferrat (c1084-1135)Gisele de Bourgogne (1075-aft1133)
Henri I de Toul (c1102-1165)Dirk II de Lorraine (c1050-1115)Gertrude of Flanders (1080-1117)
Laurette of Flanders (c1125-1170)Thierry of Flanders (1100-1168)Marguerite de Clermont (?-1133)
Béatrix du Maine (1133-c1190)Hélie II du Maine (c1114-1151)Philippe du Perche (c1105-c1152)
Sibylla of Anjou (1116-1165)Fulk I of Jerusalem (c1090-1143)Ermengarde of Maine (-1126)
Géraud III of Armagnac (1100-1160)Bernard III of Armagnac (c1070-c1110)Alpaïde de Turenne (1075-aft1100)
Mascarose of Armagnac (c1130-c1177)Géraud III of Armagnac (1100-1160)Anicelle de Fézensac
... further results

Events of the year 1158 at FamilypediaEdit

3 people were married in 1158.

 Joined with
Christina of Denmark (c1120-1170)Erik II of Sweden (c1120-1160)
Baldwin III of Jerusalem (1131-1163)Theodora Komnene (c1145-?)
Mathilde von Schwarzburg-Käfernburg (c1128-1192)Adolf II. von Holstein (-1164)

There were 0 military battles in 1158.

0.012746234067207 1 0.019698725376593

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