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Gregorian calendar 1171

Ab urbe condita 1924
Armenian calendar 620
Bahá'í calendar -673 – -672
Buddhist calendar 1715
Coptic calendar 887 – 888
Ethiopian calendar 1163 – 1164
Hebrew calendar 4931 4932
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 - Vikram Samvat 1226 – 1227
 - Shaka Samvat 1093 – 1094
 - Kali Yuga 4272 – 4273
Holocene calendar 11171
Iranian calendar 549 – 550
Islamic calendar 566 – 567
Japanese calendar
 - Imperial Year Kōki 1831
Julian calendar 1216
Korean calendar 3504
Thai solar calendar 1714




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People of the year 1171 at Familypedia

7 people were born in 1171

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Alfonso IX, King of León (1171-1230)Ferdinand II, King of León (1137-1188)Urraca of Portugal (1151-1188)
Ranulph de Oxton (-1240)
Vladimir Igorevich of Halych (1170-c1213)Igor Svyatoslavich of Chernigov (1151-1202)Eufrosinya Yaroslavna of Halych (c1155-c1202)
Richenza von Braunschweig (1171-1210)Heinrich der Löwe (c1130-1195)Matilda of England (1156-1189)
Matilda of Chester (1171-1233)Hugh de Kevelioc, 3rd Earl of Chester (1147-1181)Bertrade de Montfort (c1155-1227)
Judith de Lorraine (c1171-1245)Ferry I de Lorraine (c1143-c1206)Wierzchoslawa Ludmilla of Poland (bef1153-bef1223)
Geoffroi IV de Rancon (c1171-c1255)Geoffroi III de Rancon (1147-1194)Isabelle of Angoulême (1151-c1198)

5 children were born to the 3 women born in 1171

25 people died in 1171

 FatherMotherAge at death
Cecily de Brito (-c1171)
Hugues de Navilly (1122-1171)Hugues II de Bourgogne (c1085-1143)Mathilde de Mayenne (1092-1162)49
Richard FitzEustace (-1171)Eustace FitzJohn (-1157)Agnes FitzWilliam (-c1157)
Fulk FitzWarin (-1171)
Aubreda de Lacy (-aft1171)Robert de Lacy (c1075-)
Richard de Luvetot (-1171)William de Luvetot (-bef1171)Emma Unknown
William de Luvetot (-bef1171)
Gleb Yuryevich of Kiev (c1115-1171)Yuri I Vladimirovich Dolgoruky of Kiev (c1090-1157)Daughter of Cumans56
Rogvolod Rogvolodovich of Polotsk (c1095-c1171)Rogvolod Vseslavich of Polotsk (c1057-1128)
Vladimir III Mstislavich of Kiev (1132-1171)Mstislav I Vladimirovich of Kiev (1076-1132)Lyubava Dmitriyevna (c1104-c1170)39
Simon d'Oisy (c1110-1171)Hugues II d'Oisy (c1075-c1137)Hildéarde de Mons (1085-)61
Henry of Blois (c1098-1171)Stephen II, Count of Blois (c1045-1102)Adela of Normandy (c1062-1138)73
Archambaud VII de Bourbon (1100-1171)Aymon II de Bourbon (1055-1120)Adelinde de Nevers (c1085-c1132)71
Conan IV de Bretagne (c1138-1171)Alan, 1st Earl of Richmond (c1100-1146)Bertha de Bretagne (c1114-1156)33
Guy II de Châtillon-sur-Marne (c1137-c1171)Gaucher II de Châtillon-sur-Marne (c1110-1146)Ada de Roucy (c1117-aft1172)34
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912 people lived in 1171

Boris Davydovich of Polotsk (c1130-c1185)Davyd Svyatoslavich of Vitebsk (c1105-c1170)
Feodosya Glebovna of Ryazan (c1156-c1200)Gleb Rostislavich of Ryazan (c1127-1177)Yevfrosiniya Rostislavovna of Pereyaslavl (c1130-1179)
Gleb Svyatoslavich of Chernigov (c1160-1217)Svyatoslav III Vsevolodovich of Kiev (c1123-1194)
Gleb Yuryevich of Turov (c1155-1195)Yuri Yaroslavich of Turov (c1109-c1166)Anna Vsevolodna of Goroden (c1127-1190)
Ivan Yuryevich of Turov (c1145-c1207)Yuri Yaroslavich of Turov (c1109-c1166)Anna Vsevolodna of Goroden (c1127-1190)
Konchak (c1140-c1203)Atrak
Mabel of Gloucester (c1155-1198)William Fitz Robert, 2nd Earl of Gloucester (-1183)Hawise de Beaumont (c1125-c1172)
Marfa Shvarnovna of Ossetia (c1165-c1220)Prince of Ossetia
Mariya Vasilkovna of Polotsk (c1125-c1180)Vasilko Svyatoslavich of Polotsk (c1095-1144)
Svyatopolk Yuryevich of Turov (c1147-1190)Yuri Yaroslavich of Turov (c1109-c1166)Anna Vsevolodna of Goroden (c1127-1190)
Vladimir Yaroslavich of Halych (1151-1199)
Volodar Glebovich of Gorodets (c1195-1167)Gleb Vseslavich of Minsk (c1055-1119)
Yaroslav Vsevolodovich of Chernigov (1139-1198)Vsevolod II Olgovich of Kiev (1094-1146)Maria Mstislavna of Kiev (c1108-c1155)
Guigues III de Forez (1160-1202)Guigues II de Forez (c1130-1226)Ermengarde
Guigues II de Forez (c1130-1226)Guigues I de Forez (c1092-aft1137)Fille de Beaujeu
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Events of the year 1171 at FamilypediaEdit

9 people were married in 1171.

 Joined with
Adelmodis of Angoulême (1150-c1197)Bertrand III de Brosse (1130-1176) + Amadieu IV of Albret (1137-?)
Juliane de Rumigny (c1155-aft1210)Renaud de Rozoy (c1127-bef1190)
Bertrand III de Brosse (1130-1176)Adelmodis of Angoulême (1150-c1197)
Henri de Namur (1113-1196)Laurette of Flanders (c1125-1170) + Agnes van Gelre (c1150-c1197)
Renaud de Rozoy (c1127-bef1190)Juliane de Rumigny (c1155-aft1210)
Richard III de l'Aigle (1135-1187)Odeline + Jeanne de Gisors (-1207)
Bertrand I des Baux-d'Orange (1137-1180)Thiburge II of Orange (c1130-c1198)
Thiburge II of Orange (c1130-c1198)Bertrand I des Baux-d'Orange (1137-1180)
Agnes van Gelre (c1150-c1197)Henri de Namur (1113-1196)

There were 0 military battles in 1171.

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