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Gregorian calendar 1211

Ab urbe condita 1964
Armenian calendar 660
Bahá'í calendar -633 – -632
Buddhist calendar 1755
Coptic calendar 927 – 928
Ethiopian calendar 1203 – 1204
Hebrew calendar 4971 4972
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat 1266 – 1267
 - Shaka Samvat 1133 – 1134
 - Kali Yuga 4312 – 4313
Holocene calendar 11211
Iranian calendar 589 – 590
Islamic calendar 607 – 608
Japanese calendar
 - Imperial Year Kōki 1871
Julian calendar 1256
Korean calendar 3544
Thai solar calendar 1754


  • The oldest extant double entry bookkeeping record dates from 1211
  • Canons regular of the Order of the Holy Cross founded September 14 1211
  • Troops led by Estonian resistance fighter Lembitu of Lehola destroy a garrison of missionaries in the historical Estonian region of Sakala and raid the Russian town of Pskov.
  • Mongol forces under Genghis Khan invade Jin China, aiming at this stage simply to loot the countryside. A Chinese army is defeated and slaughtered at the Battle of the Badger's Mouth near Zhangjiakou and another is beaten at Mukden, where the city is taken. Beijing is also besieged by the Mongol hordes.
  • Church at the French city of Reims burns down; soon after, construction begins on the cathedral, Notre Dame de Reims.




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People of the year 1211 at Familypedia

12 people were born in 1211

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Friedrich II. von Österreich (1211-1246)Leopold VI. von Österreich (1176-1230)Theodora Angelina (c1182-1246)
Richard Bagot (c1211-c1271)Hugh Bagot (-1242)Alicia Unknown
Hugh Bigod (1211-1266)Hugh Bigod, 3rd Earl of Norfolk (c1182-1225)Maud Marshal (1192-1248)
Leonor of Portugal (1211-1231)Afonso II of Portugal (1185-1223)Urraca of Castile (1186-1220)
Matthew de Furneaux (-bef1293)Henry de Furneaux (-1216)Joan FitzWilliam (-c1216)
Roger de Praers (c1211-)Thomas de Praers (c1274-)
John de St. Pierre (c1211-1290)William de St. Pierre (c1181-)
Marguerite de Bourbon (1211-1256)Archambaud de Bourbon (1197-1249)Alix de Forez (-1240)
Isabeau de Mello (c1211-c1258)Guillaume I de Mello (1163-1248)Elisabeth de Mont-Saint-Jean (c1196-c1243)
Pierre de Vendôme (1211-1249)Jean IV de Vendôme (c1175-1240)Eglantine de Palluau (1192-)
Heinrich VII of the Holy Roman Empire (1211-1242)Friedrich II of the Holy Roman Empire (1195-1250)Constanza de Aragón (1179-1222)
Johann I. zu Mecklenburg (c1211-1264)Heinrich Borwin II. zu Mecklenburg (1170-1226)Christine of Sweden (-aft1248)

6 children were born to the 3 women born in 1211

13 people died in 1211

 FatherMotherAge at death
William de Braose, 7th Baron Abergavenny (c1153-1211)William de Braose, 3rd Lord of Bramber (1112-c1192)Bertha of Hereford (c1130-)58
Sancho I of Portugal (1154-1212)Afonso I of Portugal (1109-1185)Mathilde de Savoie (1125-1158)57
Adam de Dutton (c1157-c1211)Hugh de Dutton (c1128-c1154)Alice de Prescott (c1132-c1178)
Richard FitzIves (c1211)
Isabel FitzRoy (-bef1211)John of England (1167-1216)
Mieszko I Tanglefoot of Poland (c1130-1211)Władysław II the Exile of Poland (1105-1159)Agnes von Babenberg (c1108-1163)81
Svyatoslav III Igorevich of Volhynia (1176-1211)Igor Svyatoslavich of Chernigov (1151-1202)Eufrosinya Yaroslavna of Halych (c1155-c1202)35
Adelheid von Meißen (1160-1211)Otto von Meißen (c1116-1190)Hedwig von Brandenburg (-1203)51
Mathilde de Boulogne (c1163-c1211)Mathieu d'Alsace (c1137-1173)Marie de Boulogne (1136-1182)48
Henri III de Grandpré (c1140-1211)Henri II de Grandpré (c1100-c1189)Liutgarde von Luxemburg (1120-1170)71
Eustachie de Roucy (c1160-bef1211)Guiscard de Roucy (c1120-c1180)Elisabeth de Mareuil51
Hélie VI de Périgord (c1155-bef1211)Hélie V de Périgord (1140-1205)Raymonde de Turenne (c1140-c1187)56
Kaykhusraw I of Rum (-1211)Kilij Arslan II of Rum (-1192)

940 people lived in 1211

Aleksandr Vsevolodovich of Belz (c1180-c1235)Vsevolod Mstislavich of Volhynia (c1160-1196)
Dervorguilla of Galloway (c1210-1290)Alan, Lord of Galloway (c1175-1234)Margaret of Huntingdon (c1194-aft1233)
Gleb Svyatoslavich of Chernigov (c1160-1217)Svyatoslav III Vsevolodovich of Kiev (c1123-1194)
Kirill II, Bishop of Rostov (c1200-1262)
Marfa Shvarnovna of Ossetia (c1165-c1220)Prince of Ossetia
Marie de Ponthieu (1199-1251)William IV of Ponthieu (1179-1221)Alix de Vexin (c1170-c1220)
Mikhail Vsevolodovich of Pronsk (c1185-1217)Vsevolod Glebovich of Pronsk (c1160-1207)
Morta (c1210-1262)
Ryngold (c1175-c1236)Algimantas
Stekšys (c1175-1214)
Treniota (c1210-1264)Vykintas (c1200-1253)
Guigues IV de Forez (c1199-1241)Guigues III de Forez (1160-1202)Ascura de Sully (c1180-c1227)
Guigues II de Forez (c1130-1226)Guigues I de Forez (c1092-aft1137)Fille de Beaujeu
Amanieu VI d'Albret (c1192-1240)Amanieu V of Albret (c1170-1209)
Pucelle d'Albret (c1195-aft1243)Amanieu V of Albret (c1170-1209)
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Events of the year 1211 at FamilypediaEdit

7 people were married in 1211.

 Joined with
Beatrice du Viennois (1205-aft1248)Amaury VI de Montfort (c1190-1241)
Adam II de Beaumont-Gâtinais (c1185-1242)Isabelle de Mauvoisin (c1200-1249)
Raymond VII de Toulouse (1197-1249)Sancha de Aragón (1186-1241)+Marguerite de Lusignan (1228-1288)
Sancha de Aragón (1186-1241)Raymond VII de Toulouse (1197-1249)
Irmgard von Orlamünde (c1188-c1222)Heinrich II. von Schwarzburg-Blankenburg (-1236)
Heinrich II. von Schwarzburg-Blankenburg (-1236)Irmgard von Orlamünde (c1188-c1222)
Albert IV. von Tirol (c1180-1253)Uta von Frontenhausen-Lechsgemünd (?-1254)

There were 0 military battles in 1211.

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