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Gregorian calendar 1237

Ab urbe condita 1990
Armenian calendar 686
Bahá'í calendar -607 – -606
Buddhist calendar 1781
Coptic calendar 953 – 954
Ethiopian calendar 1229 – 1230
Hebrew calendar 4997 4998
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat 1292 – 1293
 - Shaka Samvat 1159 – 1160
 - Kali Yuga 4338 – 4339
Holocene calendar 11237
Iranian calendar 615 – 616
Islamic calendar 634 – 635
Japanese calendar
 - Imperial Year Kōki 1897
Julian calendar 1282
Korean calendar 3570
Thai solar calendar 1780





This page uses content from the English language Wikipedia. The original content was at 1237. The list of authors can be seen in the page history. As with this Familypedia wiki, the content of Wikipedia is available under the Creative Commons License.

People of the year 1237 at Familypedia

12 people were born in 1237

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Alessia del Monferrato (c1237-1285)Bonifacio II del Monferrato (1203-1253)Marguerite de Savoie (c1224-1254)
Johann II. von Brandenburg (1237-1281)Johann I. von Brandenburg (c1213-1266)Sophie of Denmark (1217-1247)
William de Beauchamp, 9th Earl of Warwick (1237-1298)William de Beauchamp (1215-1268)Isabel de Maudit (c1221-c1268)
Rikissa of Sweden (c1237-aft1288)Birger Magnusson (c1200-1266)Ingeborg Eriksdotter of Sweden (c1212-c1254)
Leo II of Armenia (1237-1289)Hethum I of Barbaron (1215-1270)Isabella I of Armenia (c1217-1252)
Bohemond VI of Antioch (c1237-1275)Bohemond V of Antioch (1199-1252)Luciana di Segni
Agnès de Bourbon (1237-1287)Archambaud IX de Bourbon (1212-1249)Yolande de Châtillon (c1215-1254)
Agnès de Rochechouart (1237-bef1270)Aimery VIII de Rochechouart (1210-1245)Marguerite de Limoges (1215-1259)
Hugues XII de Lusignan (c1237-1270)Hugues XI de Lusignan (1221-1250)Yolande de Bretagne (1218-1272)
Archambaud III de Périgord (1237-1295)Hélie VIII de Périgord (1210-1251)Gaillarde d'Armagnac
Margaretha von Staufen (1237-1270)Friedrich II of the Holy Roman Empire (1195-1250)Isabella of England (1214-1241)
Konstantia of Hungary (c1237-c1284)Béla IV of Hungary (1206-1270)Maria Laskarina (c1206-1270)

10 children were born to the 6 women born in 1237

24 people died in 1237

 FatherMotherAge at death
Alix de Meulan (c1190-c1237)Amaury I de Meulan (c1150-c1196)Adèle de Luzarches47
Henry Beke (-aft1237)Walter Beke (-aft1167)Agnes FitzPincheon (-c1167)
André Guigues VI du Viennois (1184-1237)Hugues III de Bourgogne (1148-1192)Béatrice of Albon (1161-1228)53
Richard d'Harcourt (c1181-c1237)Robert II d'Harcourt (1150-1213)Eva Crispin56
Joan of England (1190-1236)John of England (1167-1216)Clementia (?-?)49
Elena of Halych (c1190-c1237)Roman Mstislavich of Halych (c1152-1205)Predslava Rurikovna (c1176-aft1203)47
Jean de Brienne (c1170-1237)Érard II de Brienne (c1144-1191)Agnès de Montfaucon (c1150-c1200)67
Elisenda de Cardona (c1190-c1237)Guillem de Cardona (c1150-1225)47
Beatrice de Coligny (c1200-1237)Hugues de Coligny (c1163-1205)Beatrice (given name)37
Richard II de Courcy (c1190-c1237)Robert IV de Courcy (c1160-c1207)Mathilde47
Aelis de Dammartin (c1175-aft1237)Alberic II de Dammartin (-1200)Mahaut de Clermont (1147-1200)62
Gaucher I de Joigny (c1165-1237)Renaud III de Joigny (1120-1171)Adèle de Nevers (1145-1195)72
Berenguela de León (1204-1237)Alfonso IX, King of León (1171-1230)Berenguela of Castile (1180-1246)33
Marguerite de Turenne (1190-c1237)Raymond III de Turenne (1165-1219)Élise de Séverac47
Guillaume III de Milly (1175-1237)Guillaume II de Milly (c1155-c1202)Marguerite de La Chapelle (-1212)62
... further results

912 people lived in 1237

Dervorguilla of Galloway (c1210-1290)Alan, Lord of Galloway (c1175-1234)Margaret of Huntingdon (c1194-aft1233)
Gerdenis (c1230-1267)
Kirill II, Bishop of Rostov (c1200-1262)
Marie de Ponthieu (1199-1251)William IV of Ponthieu (1179-1221)Alix de Vexin (c1170-c1220)
Morta (c1210-1262)
Tautvilas (c1225-1263)Dausprungas (c1195-c1240)
Treniota (c1210-1264)Vykintas (c1200-1253)
Guigues IV de Forez (c1199-1241)Guigues III de Forez (1160-1202)Ascura de Sully (c1180-c1227)
Renaud I de Forez (c1215-1270)Guigues IV de Forez (c1199-1241)Mahaut de Dampierre (1196-1223)
Amanieu VII d'Albret (c1215-aft1270)Amanieu VI d'Albret (c1192-1240)Assalide de Tartas
Amanieu VI d'Albret (c1192-1240)Amanieu V of Albret (c1170-1209)
Pucelle d'Albret (c1195-aft1243)Amanieu V of Albret (c1170-1209)
Alessia del Monferrato (c1237-1285)Bonifacio II del Monferrato (1203-1253)Marguerite de Savoie (c1224-1254)
Beatrice del Monferrato (c1210-1274)Guglielmo VI del Monferrato (c1173-1223)Berta di Clavesana
Bonifacio II del Monferrato (1203-1253)Guglielmo VI del Monferrato (c1173-1223)Berta di Clavesana
... further results

Events of the year 1237 at FamilypediaEdit

21 people were married in 1237.

 Joined with
Alphonse Capet (1220-1271)Jeanne de Toulouse (1220-1271)
Robert Capet (1216-1250)Mathildis van Brabant (1224-1288)
Konrad I. von Rietberg (aft1203-c1289)Oda zur Lippe (c1210-1262)
Abel of Denmark (1218-1252)Mechthild von Holstein (c1223-1288)
Ferdinand III, King of Castile (1199-1252)Elisabeth von Staufen (1203-1235)+Jeanne de Dammartin (1216-1279)
Meinhard I. von Tirol (c1192-1258)Adelheid von Tirol (c1219-1279)
Maurice IV de Craon (1213-1250)Jeanne de Rochefort (c1215-)
Isabeau de Brienne (c1220-c1276)Henri V de Grandpré (c1220-1287) + Jean de Picquigny
Henri V de Grandpré (c1220-1287)Isabeau de Brienne (c1220-c1276)
Jeanne de Hainaut (c1199-1244)Fernando de Portugal (1188-1233)+Thomas II de Piémont (1199-1259)
Agathe de Lusignan (c1223-1269)Geoffroi IV de Pons (c1200-c1247) + Guillaume II de Chauvigny (1224-1271)
Henri I de Lusignan (1217-1253)Alix de Montferrat (c1212-c1233) + Stephanie de Lampron (c1222-1249) + Plaisance of Antioch (c1235-1261)
Geoffroi IV de Pons (c1200-c1247)Agathe de Lusignan (c1223-1269)
Thomas II de Piémont (1199-1259)Jeanne de Hainaut (c1199-1244) + Beatrice Fieschi (1225-1283)
Henri I de Sully (-aft1248)Marie de Dampierre (1197-1234)+Aénor de Saint-Valery-sur-Somme (1192-1250)
... further results

There were 0 military battles in 1237.

0.013157894736842 1.6666666666667 0.026315789473684

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