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Gregorian calendar 1259

Ab urbe condita 2012
Armenian calendar 708
Bahá'í calendar -585 – -584
Buddhist calendar 1803
Coptic calendar 975 – 976
Ethiopian calendar 1251 – 1252
Hebrew calendar 5019 5020
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 - Vikram Samvat 1314 – 1315
 - Shaka Samvat 1181 – 1182
 - Kali Yuga 4360 – 4361
Holocene calendar 11259
Iranian calendar 637 – 638
Islamic calendar 656 – 658
Japanese calendar
 - Imperial Year Kōki 1919
Julian calendar 1304
Korean calendar 3592
Thai solar calendar 1802

Boyana Angel

Portion of a fresco of the Boyana Church, completed in 1259






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People of the year 1259 at Familypedia

7 people were born in 1259

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Sofie von Anhalt-Bernburg (c1259-1330)Bernhard I. von Anhalt-Bernburg (c1218-c1286)Sophie von Schleswig (1240-1286)
Jean I de Chalon-Arlay (c1259-1315)Jean de Chalon (1190-1267)Laurette de Commercy (c1240-1276)
Henri III de Bar (1259-1302)Thiébaut II de Bar (c1221-1291)Jeanne de Toucy (1231-1305)
Margaret de Wrenbury (c1259-)Richard de Wrenbury (c1233-)Katherine de Courtray (c1235-)
Richard de Burgh (1259-1326)Walter de Burgh (c1230-1271)Aveline FitzJohn (c1244-1274)
Hélie VII de Périgord (c1259-1311)Archambaud III de Périgord (1237-1295)Marguerite de Limoges (1215-1259)
Imagina von Isenburg-Limburg (c1259-aft1313)Gerlach I. von Isenburg-Limburg (c1233)Imagine von Blieskastel (c1233-1298)

5 children were born to the 3 women born in 1259

15 people died in 1259

 FatherMotherAge at death
Ioannes Angelos (c1193-1259)Isaac II Angelos (1156-1204)Margaret of Hungary (1175-aft1223)66
Hedwig von Anhalt (c1228-1259)Heinrich I. von Anhalt (c1170-1252)Irmgard von Thüringen (1196-1244)31
Christopher I of Denmark (1219-1259)Valdemar II of Denmark (1170-1241)Berengária of Portugal (c1195-1221)40
Pierre de Grandison (-c1259)
Adam de Houghton (-1259)Adam de Houghton (-1283)Agnes Unknown
William de Vivonne (-1259)Hugh de Vivonne (-1249)Mabel Malet (1195-1293)
Marguerite de Châteauneuf (c1212-c1259)Hugues IV de Châteauneuf (-1229)Eléonore de Dreux (1186-aft1248)47
Marguerite de Limoges (1215-1259)Guy V de Limoges (c1165-1229)Ermengarde de Barry (1176-1263)44
Guillaume de Lusignan (c1203-c1250)Geoffroy de Lusignan (1149-1224)Humberge de Limoges (c1170-c1217)56
Godefroy II de Milly (1213-1259)Guillaume III de Milly (1175-1237)Agnès de Nemours (1185-1213)46
Thomas II de Piémont (1199-1259)Thomas I de Savoie (1178-1233)Marguerite de Genève (c1180-c1255)60
Clémence de Châteaudun (1229-1259)Geoffroy VI de Châteaudun (c1198-1250)Clemence des Roches (c1195-c1255)30
Mechthild von Baden (-1259)Hermann V. von Baden-Baden (c1163-1243)Irmingard von der Pfalz (c1200-1260)
Adolf IV. von Berg (?-1259)Hendrik IV van Limburg (?-1247)Irmgard von Berg (?-c1248)39
Heinrich III. von Schwarzburg-Leutenberg (c1220-1259)Heinrich II. von Schwarzburg-Blankenburg (-1236)Irmgard von Orlamünde (c1188-c1222)39

907 people lived in 1259

Arnold III of Stein (1250-1323)
Dervorguilla of Galloway (c1210-1290)Alan, Lord of Galloway (c1175-1234)Margaret of Huntingdon (c1194-aft1233)
Dzhidzhekhatun (c1250-c1300)
Gerdenis (c1230-1267)
Kirill II, Bishop of Rostov (c1200-1262)
Morta (c1210-1262)
Tautvilas (c1225-1263)Dausprungas (c1195-c1240)
Treniota (c1210-1264)Vykintas (c1200-1253)
Guigues VI de Forez (c1250-1278)Renaud I de Forez (c1215-1270)Isabelle de Beaujeu (1225-1297)
Renaud I de Forez (c1215-1270)Guigues IV de Forez (c1199-1241)Mahaut de Dampierre (1196-1223)
Amanieu VII d'Albret (c1215-aft1270)Amanieu VI d'Albret (c1192-1240)Assalide de Tartas
Alessia del Monferrato (c1237-1285)Bonifacio II del Monferrato (1203-1253)Marguerite de Savoie (c1224-1254)
Beatrice del Monferrato (c1210-1274)Guglielmo VI del Monferrato (c1173-1223)Berta di Clavesana
Guglielmo VII del Monferrato (c1240-1292)Bonifacio II del Monferrato (1203-1253)Marguerite de Savoie (c1224-1254)
Tommaso I di Saluzzo (c1240-1296)Manfredo III di Saluzzo (c1204-1244)Beatrice de Savoie (1223-1258)
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Events of the year 1259 at FamilypediaEdit

9 people were married in 1259.

 Joined with
Siegfried I. von Anhalt (c1230-1298)Katharina of Sweden (1245-aft1289)
Anastasia von Pommern (c1245-1317)Heinrich I. zu Mecklenburg (c1230-1302)
Bogislaw IV. von Pommern (bef1252-1309)Mechtild von Brandenburg (1257-1278) + Margarete von Rügen (c1270-1318)
Archambaud III de Périgord (1237-1295)Marguerite de Limoges (1215-1259) + Agnès d'Angoulême (1230-) + Marie d'Anduze (1235-)
Katharina of Sweden (1245-aft1289)Siegfried I. von Anhalt (c1230-1298)
Agnes von Liegnitz (c1243-1265)Ulrich I. von Württemberg (c1226-1265)
Johann I. von Sponheim (c1202-1266)Jutta von Isenburg
Ulrich I. von Württemberg (c1226-1265)Mechthild von Baden (-1259)+Agnes von Liegnitz (c1243-1265)
Heinrich I. zu Mecklenburg (c1230-1302)Anastasia von Pommern (c1245-1317)

There were 0 military battles in 1259.

0.0077177508269019 1.6666666666667 0.016538037486218

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