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Gregorian calendar 1288

Ab urbe condita 2041
Armenian calendar 737
Bahá'í calendar -556 – -555
Buddhist calendar 1832
Coptic calendar 1004 – 1005
Ethiopian calendar 1280 – 1281
Hebrew calendar 5048 5049
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat 1343 – 1344
 - Shaka Samvat 1210 – 1211
 - Kali Yuga 4389 – 4390
Holocene calendar 11288
Iranian calendar 666 – 667
Islamic calendar 686 – 687
Japanese calendar
 - Imperial Year Kōki 1948
Julian calendar 1333
Korean calendar 3621
Thai solar calendar 1831




This page uses content from the English language Wikipedia. The original content was at 1288. The list of authors can be seen in the page history. As with this Familypedia wiki, the content of Wikipedia is available under the Creative Commons License.

People of the year 1288 at Familypedia

18 people were born in 1288

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Anna von Sachsen-Wittenberg (c1288-1327)Albrecht II. von Sachsen-Wittenberg (1250-1298)Agnes von Habsburg (1257-1322)
Charles I of Hungary (1288-1342)Charles Martel of Anjou (1271-1295)Clementia von Habsburg (c1262-1293)
Marguerite Capet (1288-c1294)Philip IV Capet (1268-1314)Joan I of Navarre (1271-1305)
Thomas de Heaton (-1353)Thomas de Heaton (-1288)Joan de Neville (1257-1326)
Miklós Komlósi (1288-c1340)Tatamér de Ilosva (c1260-c1310)
Nicholas Leycester (-1349)Roger Leycester (-c1349)Joyce or Isabel Unknown
Nicholas II of Troppau (1288-1365)Nicholas I von Troppau (1255-1318)Adelheid von Habsburg (c1269-1313)
Ivan I of Moscow (1288-1340)Daniel of Moscow (1261-1303)Maria Glebovna Rurik (?-?)
Stefano Visconti (c1288-1337)Matteo I Visconti (1250-1322)Bonacosa Borri (c1254-1321)
Heinrich VIII. von Henneberg-Schleusingen (c1288-1347)Berthold VII. von Henneberg-Schleusingen (c1272-1340)Adelheid von Hessen (c1272-1315)
William de Bostock (c1288-c1340)
Pierre II de Grailly (c1288-1356)Pierre I de Grailly (1260-1290)Rubéa d'Astarac (1255-c1302)
Isabeau de Parthenay (c1288-1357)Guillaume VI de Parthenay (c1257-1322)Jeanne de Montfort-le-Rotrou
Guillaume I de Coucy (1288-1335)Enguerrand V de Coucy (c1255-aft1321)Christiane de Lindsay (c1267-1320)
Arnout Dircksz van Hodenpijl (c1288-bef1357)Dirck van Hodenpijl (c1262-)Badeloge (c1266-)
... further results

5 children were born to the 4 women born in 1288

20 people died in 1288

 FatherMotherAge at death
Walter VI Berthout van Mechelen (1225-1288)Walter V Berthout van Mechelen (1210-1243)Adeline d'Enghien (1205-1245)63
Rikissa of Sweden (c1237-aft1288)Birger Magnusson (c1200-1266)Ingeborg Eriksdotter of Sweden (c1212-c1254)51
Jean I d'Harcourt (1198-1288)Richard d'Harcourt (c1181-c1237)Mathilde Tesson90
Thomas de Heaton (-1288)Henry de Heaton (c1224-)
Heinrich VI. von Luxemburg (1240-1288)Heinrich V. von Luxemburg (c1216-1281)Marguerite de Bar (1220-1275)48
Waleran I de Ligny (c1244-1288)Heinrich V. von Luxemburg (c1216-1281)Marguerite de Bar (1220-1275)44
Leszek II the Black of Poland (c1241-1288)Casimir I of Kuyavia (c1212-1267)Constance of Poland (c1221-1257)47
Simon de Raleigh (-1288)Warin de Raleigh (-1242)Margaret Unknown (-1242)
Heinrich von Meißen (1218-1288)Dietrich von Meißen (1162-1221)Jutta von Thüringen (1184-1235)70
Nicholas de Whelton (-bef1288)William de Whelton
Marguerite de Lusignan (c1227-1288)Hugues X de Lusignan (c1189-1249)Isabelle of Angoulême (1186-1246)61
Amédée de Neuchâtel (c1250-1288)Rodolphe III de Neuchâtel (c1200-1263)Sibylle de Montfaucon (c1230-c1277)38
John FitzWale de Puttenham (1234-1288)William de Puttenham (1215-?)Alice Unknown (c1215-?)54
Mathildis van Brabant (1224-1288)Hendrik II van Brabant (1207-1248)Maria von Staufen (1201-1235)64
Willem van Bronkhorst (-aft1288)
... further results

894 people lived in 1288

Arnold III of Stein (1250-1323)
Dervorguilla of Galloway (c1210-1290)Alan, Lord of Galloway (c1175-1234)Margaret of Huntingdon (c1194-aft1233)
Dzhidzhekhatun (c1250-c1300)
Jean I de Forez (1275-1334)Guigues VI de Forez (c1250-1278)Jeanne de Montfort (1250-1300)
Amanieu VIII d'Albret (aft1262-1326)Amanieu VII d'Albret (c1215-aft1270)Mathe de Bordeaux
Federico di Saluzzo (1287-1336)Manfredo IV di Saluzzo (c1262-1330)Beatrice of Sicily (c1258-bef1307)
Giovanni I del Monferrato (c1275-1305)Guglielmo VII del Monferrato (c1240-1292)Beatriz of Castile (1254-aft1280)
Guglielmo VII del Monferrato (c1240-1292)Bonifacio II del Monferrato (1203-1253)Marguerite de Savoie (c1224-1254)
Manfredo IV di Saluzzo (c1262-1330)Tommaso I di Saluzzo (c1240-1296)Aluigia di Ceva (-1292)
Tommaso I di Saluzzo (c1240-1296)Manfredo III di Saluzzo (c1204-1244)Beatrice de Savoie (1223-1258)
Violante del Monferrato (c1274-1317)Guglielmo VII del Monferrato (c1240-1292)Beatriz of Castile (1254-aft1280)
Helena Angelina (c1254-1314)Ioannes Angelos (c1193-1259)Mathilde von Vianden (c1234-c1281)
Robert de Umfraville, Earl of Angus (c1277-1325)Gilbert de Umfraville, Earl of Angus (c1245-1308)Elizabeth Comyn
Alfonso III of Aragon (1265-1291)Pedro III de Aragón (1240-1285)Constance of Sicily (1249-1302)
Constanza de Aragón (c1280-c1327)Jaime de Aragón (c1260-1285)Sancha Fernandez
... further results

Events of the year 1288 at FamilypediaEdit

14 people were married in 1288.

 Joined with
Amanieu VIII d'Albret (aft1262-1326)Rose de Bourg
Hermann Drost zu Lüdinghausen (bef1270-bef1312)Ermgard van Dale (bef1273-1327)
Marguerite de Genève (1266-1322)Aymar IV de Poitiers, Comte de Valentinois (-1329)
Catherine Giffard (1272-aft1322)Nicholas De Audley (Bef 1258-1299)
Thoros III of Armenia (1270-1298)Marguerite de Lusignan (c1276-1296)
Henry IV Probus of Poland (c1258-1290)Constance of Opole (?-?) + Matilda von Brandenburg (c1270-bef1298)
Otto II. von Braunschweig-Lüneburg (c1266-1330)Mechthild von Wittelsbach (1275-1319)
Mechthild von Wittelsbach (1275-1319)Otto II. von Braunschweig-Lüneburg (c1266-1330)
Hugh de Audley (c1274-1326)Isolde Mortimer (c1275-c1338)
Marguerite de Lusignan (c1276-1296)Thoros III of Armenia (1270-1298)
Isolde Mortimer (c1275-c1338)Hugh de Audley (c1274-1326)
Aymar IV de Poitiers, Comte de Valentinois (-1329)Hippolyte de Bourgogne (1245-c1292) + Marguerite de Genève (1266-1322)
Ermgard van Dale (bef1273-1327)Hermann Drost zu Lüdinghausen (bef1270-bef1312)+Herman von Münster (bef1271-aft1343)
Helena von Rügen (c1271-1315)Johann III. zu Mecklenburg (1270-1315) + Bernhard II. von Anhalt-Bernburg (c1260-1323)

There were 1 military battles in 1288.

 Event date
Battle of Worringen5 June 1288 JL
0.020134228187919 1.25 0.022371364653244

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