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1357 in other calendars
Gregorian calendar 1357

Ab urbe condita 2110
Armenian calendar 806
Bahá'í calendar -487 – -486
Buddhist calendar 1901
Coptic calendar 1073 – 1074
Ethiopian calendar 1349 – 1350
Hebrew calendar 5117 5118
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat 1412 – 1413
 - Shaka Samvat 1279 – 1280
 - Kali Yuga 4458 – 4459
Holocene calendar 11357
Iranian calendar 735 – 736
Islamic calendar 758 – 759
Japanese calendar
 - Imperial Year Kōki 2017
Julian calendar 1402
Korean calendar 3690
Thai solar calendar 1900




Fictional EventsEdit

Lord Oliver (an English noble) rules Castlegard, a French village, in the Dordogne valley. But he is attacked by Arnaut de Cérvole, a French lord. Oliver and English troops begin a retreat at the well-protected castle of La Roque and the battle begins at evening. Castlegard is burnt by Englishmen. Just before of this battle, American time travellers from 1999 (book) or 2003 (film) arrived here: some physics and a team of historians (who had studied the current ruins of Castlegard) were involved in the battle.

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People of the year 1357 at Familypedia

8 people were born in 1357

  Father Mother Age mother at birth
Roger Bradbourne (c1357-) Richard de Bradbourne (c1305-)
John I of Portugal (1357-1433) Pedro I of Portugal (1320-1367) Teresa Lourenço (c1330-?)
Henry VIII of Zagan (c1357-1397) Henry V of Zagan (c1319-c1369) Anna of Płock (1324-1363)
David Stewart, Earl of Strathearn (1357-c1386) Robert II of Scotland (1316-1390) Euphemia de Ross (-1386)
Friedrich I. von Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel (c1357-1400) Magnus II. Torquatus von Braunschweig-Lüneburg (c1328-1373) Katharina von Anhalt-Bernburg (c1330-1390)
Pierre II de Lusignan (c1357-1382) Pierre I de Lusignan (1328-1369) Eleanor of Aragon-Gandia (1333-1416)
Hugo XII, Count of Montfort (1357-1423) Wilhelm III, Count of Montfort-Bregenz (1335-1368) Ursula of Hohenberg-Rottenburg (1340-1380)
Ermengard von Hoya (c1357-1415) Johann II. von Hoya (1319-1377) Helena von Sachsen-Lauenberg (c1325-c1372)

1 children were born to the 1 women born in 1357

15 people died in 1357

  Father Mother Age at death
Tommaso II di Saluzzo (1304-1357) Federico di Saluzzo (1287-1336) Marguerite de la Tour du Pin (c1285-bef1333) 53
John de Brent (-1357) Robert de Brent (-c1353) Elizabeth Denebaud (-1400)
Afonso IV of Portugal (1291-1357) Dinis of Portugal (1261-1325) Elizabeth of Aragon (1271-1336) 66
Maria of Portugal (1313-1357) Afonso IV of Portugal (1291-1357) Beatrix of Castile (1293-1359) 44
John de Driby (c1312-aft1357) John de Driby (?-1334) 45
Ingeborg of Norway (1297-1357) Eirik II of Norway (1268-1299) Isabel Bruce (c1272-1358)
Eberhard II. von Neu-Kyburg (c1299-1357) Hartmann I. von Neu-Kyburg (c1275-1301) Elisabeth von Freiburg (c1279-1322) 58
Hugh de Longland (-1357)
Mathilde von Braunschweig-Lüneburg (c1315-1357) Otto III. von Braunschweig-Lüneburg (1296-1352) Mechthild zu Mecklenburg (1293-1357) 42
Johann II. von Katzenelnbogen (c1303-1357) Gerhard von Katzenelnbogen (c1274) Margaret von der Mark (c1278-1327) 54
Albrecht von Oettingen (c1317-1357) Ludwig VI. von Oettingen (bef1288-1346) Agnes von Württemberg (c1295-1317)
Friedrich II. von Oettingen (c1295-1357) Friedrich I. von Oettingen (c1267-c1312) Elisabeth von Dornberg (-c1310) 62
Diemut von Walsee (c1305-c1357) Ulrich III, Herr von Walsee (1272-c1329) Diemut von Rohrau (c1280-1319)
Johann II. von Nürnberg (c1310-1357) Friedrich IV. von Nürnberg (1287-1332) Margarete von Görz (c1290-1348) 47
Mechthild zu Mecklenburg (1293-1357) Heinrich II. zu Mecklenburg (1267-1329) Beatrix von Brandenburg (c1273-1314) 64

661 people lived in 1357

  Father Mother
Anna von Schauenburg (c1335-1358) Adolf VII. von Holstein-Schauenburg (c1297-1354) Heilwig zur Lippe (bef1313-aft1369)
Adelheid von Hessen (c1323-aft1371) Heinrich II. der Eiserne von Hessen (c1302-1376) Elisabeth von Meißen (1306-1368)
Arnaud Amanieu d'Albret (1338-1401) Bernard Aiz d'Albret (c1290-1358) Mathe d'Armagnac
Federico II di Saluzzo (1332-1396) Tommaso II di Saluzzo (1304-1357) Ricciarda Visconti
Tommaso III di Saluzzo (1356-1416) Federico II di Saluzzo (1332-1396) Beatrix de Genève (c1320-1392)
Tommaso II di Saluzzo (1304-1357) Federico di Saluzzo (1287-1336) Marguerite de la Tour du Pin (c1285-bef1333)
Beatrice of Sicily (1326-1365) Peter II of Sicily (1305-1342) Elisabeth von Kärnten (1298-aft1347)
Constança of Aragon (1343-1363) Pedro IV of Aragon (1319-1387) Maria of Navarre (c1329-1347)
Eleanor of Sicily (1325-1375) Peter II of Sicily (1305-1342) Elisabeth von Kärnten (1298-aft1347)
Frederick IV of Sicily (1341-1377) Peter II of Sicily (1305-1342) Elisabeth von Kärnten (1298-aft1347)
Isabella de Mallorca (1337-1406) Jaime III de Mallorca (1315-1349) Constance of Aragon (1318-1346)
Jaime IV de Mallorca (c1336-1375) Jaime III de Mallorca (1315-1349) Constance of Aragon (1318-1346)
Juan I of Aragon (1350-1396) Pedro IV of Aragon (1319-1387) Eleanor of Sicily (1325-1375)
Martín I of Aragon (1356-1410) Pedro IV of Aragon (1319-1387) Eleanor of Sicily (1325-1375)
Warin Archdeacon (1355-1400) John Archdeacon Cicely Haccombe
… further results

Events of the year 1357 at FamilypediaEdit

9 people were married in 1357.

  Joined with
Philippe de Bourgogne (1346-1361) Margaret III of Flanders (1348-1405)
Maud Percy (-1379) John Neville, 3rd Baron Neville de Raby (1328-1388)
Catherine Stafford (Abt 1340-1361) John Sutton (Bef 1342-Aft 1357)
Margaret of Burgundy (1374-1441) Wilhelm von Wittelsbach (1365-1417)
Margaret III of Flanders (1348-1405) Philippe de Bourgogne (1346-1361)+Philip of Burgundy (1342-1404)
Margarete von der Mark (-c1405) Johann I von Nassau-Dillenburg (c1339-1416)
Gottfried von Heinsberg (1325-1395) Philippa von Jülich (1328-1390)
Philippa von Jülich (1328-1390) Gottfried von Heinsberg (1325-1395)
Johann I von Nassau-Dillenburg (c1339-1416) Margarete von der Mark (-c1405)

There were 0 military battles in 1357.

0.012102874432678 1 0.022692889561271

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