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1357 in other calendars
Gregorian calendar 1357

Ab urbe condita 2110
Armenian calendar 806
Bahá'í calendar -487 – -486
Buddhist calendar 1901
Coptic calendar 1073 – 1074
Ethiopian calendar 1349 – 1350
Hebrew calendar 5117 5118
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat 1412 – 1413
 - Shaka Samvat 1279 – 1280
 - Kali Yuga 4458 – 4459
Holocene calendar 11357
Iranian calendar 735 – 736
Islamic calendar 758 – 759
Japanese calendar
 - Imperial Year Kōki 2017
Julian calendar 1402
Korean calendar 3690
Thai solar calendar 1900




Fictional EventsEdit

Lord Oliver (an English noble) rules Castlegard, a French village, in the Dordogne valley. But he is attacked by Arnaut de Cérvole, a French lord. Oliver and English troops begin a retreat at the well-protected castle of La Roque and the battle begins at evening. Castlegard is burnt by Englishmen. Just before of this battle, American time travellers from 1999 (book) or 2003 (film) arrived here: some physics and a team of historians (who had studied the current ruins of Castlegard) were involved in the battle.

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People of the year 1357 at Familypedia

[[Births::{{#ask:Birth year::1357|format=count}}]] people were born in 1357 {{#ask:Birth year::1357|?father|?mother|?age mother at birth|limit=15}} {{#ask:[[Mother::Birth year::1357]]|format=count}} children were born to the {{#ask:Birth year::1357 Sex::F|format=count}} women born in 1357

[[Deaths::{{#ask:Death year::1357|format=count}}]] people died in 1357 {{#ask:Death year::1357|?father|?mother|?age at death|limit=15}}

[[People::{{#ask:[[Birth year::<1357]] [[Death year::>1357]]|format=count}}]] people lived in 1357 {{#ask:[[Birth year::<1357]] [[Death year::>1357]]|?father|?mother|limit=15}}

Events of the year 1357 at FamilypediaEdit

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There were {{#ask: [[Event date::>1 January 1357]] [[Event date::<31 December 1357]] Event kind::military event|format=count}} military battles in 1357. {{#ask: [[Event date::>1 January 1357]] [[Event date::<31 December 1357]] Event kind::military event|?Event date}}

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