Earliest references to Eigeland YtreEdit

A document dated 1292 was discovered that indicates a settlement between a man named Thorvald and another by the name of Valthjof Thorkellsson. The agreement states that Thorvald was the owner of the farm known as Eigeland Ytre; whereas Valthjof was the owner of the neighboring farm known as Gullestad. The dispute arose when Valthjof cleared two shielings in the hill-land of Ytre Egeland. The affected land belonged to Thorvald's first wife, Sigrid Olafsdatter, who had inherited the farm from her deceased father, Olaf Halvardsson. It is believed that Sigrid's ancestors owned major farms in several places in Rogaland and Agder, one of them being Upper Egeland in Kvinesdal.

Subsequent familial relationsEdit

It is believed that descendants of Valthjof remained in the Eigeland area for many generations, as the shortened form of Valthjof, Vodju appears among later inhabitants. See, e.g. Vodju Olsen (c1655-1704) of Eigeland Ytre.


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