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People of the year 1601 at Familypedia

46 people were born in 1601

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Mary Frances Addie (c1601-1665)Francis AddieMargaret Lee
Walter Allen (1601-1681)
Sofie Hedwig von Sachsen-Lauenburg (1601-1660)Franz II. von Sachsen-Lauenburg (1547-1619)Marie von Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel (1566-1626)
Dorothy Bayley (1601-?)
Franz Borsita von Martinitz (1601-c1640)Jaroslav Borsita von Martinitz (1582-1649)Maria Eusebia von Sternberg (1584-1634)
Louis XIII of France (1601-1643)Henri IV de Bourbon (1553-1610)Marie de' Medici (1575-1642)
William Coddington (1601-1678)Robert Coddington (1575-1615)
John Coggeshall (1601-1665)John Coggeshall (1576-1615)Anne Butter (1583-1648)
Mary Willemson Deurcant (c1601-1665)Dericke Willemsen Deurcant (c1580-)Hachin Bastiens (c1580-)
Abigail Eddy (c1601-1687)William Eddye (1562-1616)Mary Foster (1568-1611)
John Endecott (bef1601-1665)
Henry Farwell (1601-1670)William Farwell (1682-1637)Dorothy Routh (1585-1617)
Johannes Fischbach (1601-1672)Wilhelm Fischbach (c1561-)
David Fiske (1601-1662)Jeffrey Fiske (1558-1629)Mary Sarah Cooke (1568-1614)
Anna Maria Mauricia of Spain (1601-1666)Philip III of Spain (1578-1621)Margaret of Austria (1584-1611)
... further results

27 children were born to the 16 women born in 1601

17 people died in 1601

 FatherMotherAge at death
Christopher Blount (c1555-1601)Thomas Blount (-1568)Mary Poley (bef1555-)46
Jonas Bonde (1568-1601)Thomas Bond (1540-)Alice Woolpit (1540-1575)
Tycho Brahe (Astronomer) (1546-1601)Otte Brahe (1518-1571)Beate Clausdatter Bille (1526-1605)55
William Branch (1525-1601)Richard Branch (bef1525-)Elizabeth Beauforest (bef1525-)76
Wolstone Childe (1572-1601)David Childe (1541-1609)Letitia Randall (1541-1591)
Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex (1566-1601)Walter Devereux, 1st Earl of Essex (1539-1576)Lettice Knollys (1543-1634)35
James FitzGerald (1570-1601)Gerald FitzGerald (c1533-1583)Eleanor Butler31
Henry Herbert, 2nd Earl of Pembroke (c1538-1601)William Herbert, 1st Earl of Pembroke (1506-1570)Ann Parr (1515-1552)63
Anne Howard (c1533-1601)William Howard, 1st Baron Howard of Effingham (1510-1573)Katherine Broughton (-1535)68
Mihnea II Turcitul (1559-1601)Alexandru II Mircea (1529-1577)Ecaterina Salvarezzo (1538-1590)
Charles Neville, 6th Earl of Westmorland (1542-1601)Henry Neville, 5th Earl of Westmorland (c1525-1564)Anne Manners (1524-aft1549)59
John Shepard (c1541-1601)Robert Shepard (1505-1560)Agnes Burchet (1509-1560)
Rose Woode (1562-1601)George Woode (1533-1608)Katherine Buttall (1540-)
Henriette de Nevers (1542-1601)François I de Nevers (1516-1562)Marguerite de Bourbon (1516-1589)59
Anna Sophie von Mansfeld zu Hinter-Ort (1562-1601)Johann von Mansfeld zu Hinter-Ort (1532-1567)Margarete von Braunschweig-Lüneburg (1534-1596)39
... further results

1532 people lived in 1601

Griet Germents (bef1595-aft1663)Gerbrand JacobszGuijrte Hillebrants
Neeltje IJsbrandts (c1600-aft1625)IJsbrandt DirkszAef Jans
George Abell (1561-1630)Robert Abell (1531-1587)Helene Abell (1524-1611)
Henry Adams (1582-1646)Richard Adams (1555-1605)Agnes Stone (1555-1616)
Mary Frances Addie (c1601-1665)Francis AddieMargaret Lee
Anna Margaret Aires (c1567-1629)John R. Aires (1540-1566)Margaret R. Whitford (c1544-)
John Alden (c1599-1687)
Walter Allen (1601-1681)
Isaac Allerton (1586-1658)Edward Allerton (1555-1589)Rose Davis (1556-1596)
John Allerton (1590-1621)Edward Allerton (1555-1589)Rose Davis (1556-1596)
Sarah Allerton (1579-1633)Edward Allerton (1555-1589)Rose Davis (1556-1596)
Bridget Allgar (c1562-c1605)William Allgar (1536-1575)Margaret Payre (c1540-1612)
Ann Allwood (1593-1634)William Allwood (1570-)Elizabeth Bold (1580-)
Samuel Appleton (1586-1670)Thomas Appleton (1550-1603)Mary Isaac (1549-1613)
Elizabeth Arnold (1590-1635)John Arnold (1563-)
... further results

Events of the year 1601 at FamilypediaEdit

25 people were married in 1601.

 Joined with
Jaroslav Borsita von Martinitz (1582-1649)Maria Eusebia von Sternberg (1584-1634) + Eliška Marie Magdalena von Vrtba (c1595-1643) + Kateřina Ludmila (Františka) Talatzková z Gestieticz (c1600-1649) + Alena Barbora Kostomlatská z Vřesovic (c1620-1682)
Thomas Butler (c1531-1614)Elizabeth Berkeley (1534-1582) + Elizabeth Sheffield (-c1601)+ Helena Barry
John Campbell of Cawdor (-1642)Jean Campbell (-bef1623)+Elizabeth Douglas (c1600-)
Edward Cecil, Viscount Wimbleton (1571-1638)Theodosia Noel (1585-)+Diana Drury (-1631)+Sophia Zouche (c1618-1691)
Thomas Dungan (1584-1626)Elizabeth Weaver (1584-)
Mary Durrant (1589-1631)William Andrew Ring (1565-1620)
John Egerton, 1st Earl of Bridgewater (c1579-1649)Frances Stanley (1583-1636)
Richard Fowle (1569-c1632)Mary Unknown (1579-1627), wife of Richard Fowle
Thomas Hale (1575-1630)Joan Kirby (1580-?)
William Livingston (c1576-1641)Agnes Livingston (c1580-1617)
Robert Pierrepont, 1st Earl of Kingston-upon-Hull (1584-1643)Gertrude Talbot (1588-1649)
William Andrew Ring (1565-1620)Mary Durrant (1589-1631)
Edward Seymour, 1st Earl of Hertford (1539-1621)Catherine Grey (c1540-1567)+Frances Howard (-1598)+Frances Howard (1578-1639)
Frances Stanley (1583-1636)John Egerton, 1st Earl of Bridgewater (c1579-1649)
Gertrude Talbot (1588-1649)Robert Pierrepont, 1st Earl of Kingston-upon-Hull (1584-1643)
... further results

There were 0 military battles in 1601.

0.030026109660574 1.6875 0.011096605744125

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