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People of the year 1639 at Familypedia

56 people were born in 1639

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Hendrik Aalberdink (1639-1671)Teunis Aalberdink (?-?)
Abraham Abell (1639-1639)Robert Abell (1605-1663)Joanna Hyde (1610-1672)
Priscilla Alden (1647-1688)John Alden (c1599-1687)Priscilla Mullins (1602-1680)
Sarah Allen (1639-1690)Samuel Allen (1598-1669)Ann Whitmore (1612-c1630)
Mary Axtell (1639-1704)Thomas Axtell (1619-1645)Mary Rice (1619-1680)
Joseph Bartlett (1639-1712)Robert Bartlett (1603-1688)Mary Warren (1610-1683)
Sarah Beers (1639-1724)Richard Beers (1616-1675)Elizabeth Furman (1615-1706)
Martha Billington (1639-1704)Francis Billington (1607-1684)Christian Penn (1607-1684)
Charles Boyle, 3rd Viscount Dungarvan (1639-1694)Richard Boyle, 1st Earl of Burlington (1612-1698)Elizabeth Clifford (1613-1698)
Rachel Brackett (1639-1725)Richard Brackett (1610-1690)Alice Blower (1615-1690)
Mary Bright (1639-1712)Henry Bright (1602-1686)Anne Goldstone (1615-1649)
Rebecca Brown (1639-1700)Sarah Walker (1618-1672)
Abraham Browne (1639-1667)Abraham Brown (1579-1650)Lydia Hodges (c1595-1686)
Samuel Butler (1639-1692)Richard Butler (1600-1684)Elizabeth Bigelow (1614-1647)
Walter Clarke (1639-1714)Jeremiah Clark (1605-1651)Frances Latham (1609-1677)
... further results

38 children were born to the 24 women born in 1639

21 people died in 1639

 FatherMotherAge at death
Abraham Abell (1639-1639)Robert Abell (1605-1663)Joanna Hyde (1610-1672)
Agnes Bent (1602-1639)Robert Bent (1566-1631)Agnes Gosling (1570-1639)
Hendrik Bentinck (1563-1639)Eusebius Bentinck (-1584)Sophia van Ittersum (-1624)76
Robert Cromwell (1621-1639)Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of England (1599-1658)Elizabeth Bourchier (c1597-c1665)18
Simon Crosby (1609-1639)Thomas Crosby (1575-1661)Jane Sotheron (1581-1675)30
Thomas Finch, 2nd Earl of Winchelsea (1578-1639)Moyle Finch (c1556-1614)Elizabeth Heneage, 1st Countess of Winchilsea (1556-1633)61
István Fáy de Fáj (1600-1639)István Fáy de Fáj (c1540-1616)Katalin Hubay (c1560-c1620)39
Agnes Gosling (1570-1639)John Gosling (1535-1595)Ann Weare (1540-1639)
John Hulins (c1565-1639)Henry Hulins (1541-1609)Joane Unknown (c1540-1613)74
John Kingsley (1579-c1639)Edward Kingsley (c1543-c1609)Margaret Bond (c1543-c1600)60
Augusta of Denmark (1580-1639)Frederik II of Denmark (1534-1588)Sophie von Mecklenburg-Schwerin (1557-1631)59
John Christian of Brieg (1591-1639)Joachim Frederick of Brieg (1550-1602)Anna Maria von Anhalt (1561-1605)48
Grizel Ross (-1639)
Anne Russell (c1578-1639)John Russell (c1553-1584)Elizabeth Cooke (1527-1609)61
Irina Vasilyevna Saltykova (c1575-1639)
... further results

2322 people lived in 1639

Aleid N (c1610-1675)
Anna Egges (c1635-aft1677)Egge JansAnna Jans
Anna Egges (c1630-aft1667)Egge JanszAnna Jans
Antonius Cornellii (c1630-aft1671)CorneliusAntonia Laurenti (c1600-?)
Dieuwer Claas (c1615-1679)Claas
Griedt Simons (c1638-bef1699)Simon (bef1638-)
Griet Germents (bef1595-aft1663)Gerbrand JacobszGuijrte Hillebrants
Jacobus Pieters (c1615-aft1649)Pieter
Maartje Cornelis (c1633-1661)Cornelis
Maria Jacobi (c1632-aft1671)Jacob (bef1632-)
Meindert Claas (c1633-aft1667)Claas Willebrods
Hendrik Aalberdink (1639-1671)Teunis Aalberdink (?-?)
George Abbot (1615-1681)George Abbot (1587-1647)Elizabeth (c1595-1711)
Abraham Abell (1639-1639)Robert Abell (1605-1663)Joanna Hyde (1610-1672)
Robert Abell (1605-1663)George Abell (1561-1630)Frances Cotton (1573-1646)
... further results

Events of the year 1639 at FamilypediaEdit

39 people were married in 1639.

 Joined with
Robert Arbuthnot, 1st Viscount of Arbuthnott (c1617-1655)Marjory Carnegie (-1651)+Catherine Fraser (1619-1663)
Wessel Bouwers (c1621-1687)Jenneken Heminck (c1614-?)+Hinnecken Peerdecamp (c1617-?)
Thomas Boylston (1614-1653)Sarah Gilbert Morcock (1617-1673)
William Cavendish, 3rd Earl of Devonshire (1617-1684)Elizabeth Cecil (1619-1689)
Elizabeth Cecil (1619-1689)William Cavendish, 3rd Earl of Devonshire (1617-1684)
Anna Churchman (1619-1664)John Rogers (1606-1692)
Frances Cole (1620-1645)George Potter (1618-1640) + Nicholas Niles (1623-)
John Crow (c1606-1685)Unknown+ Elizabeth Goodwin (c1624-1673)
Edmund Dunch, Baron Burnell (1602-1678)Bridget Hungerford (c1610-aft1675)+
Elizabeth Firman (1615-1706)Richard Beers (1607-1675)
William Harris (1610-1681)Susan Hyde (1610-1682)
Jenneken Heminck (c1614-?)Wessel Bouwers (c1621-1687)
Philip Herbert, 5th Earl of Pembroke (1621-1669)Penelope Naunton (c1621-c1647)+Catharine Villiers (-1677)
Giles Hopkins (1607-1690)Catherine Whelden (1617-1689)
John Howe (1620-1680)Mary Martha Jones (1618-1698)
... further results

There were 0 military battles in 1639.

0.02411714039621 1.5833333333333 0.0090439276485788

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