People of the year 1648 at Familypedia

66 people were born in 1648

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
John Abbot (1648-1721)George Abbot (1615-1681)Hannah Chandler (1630-1711)
James Amphlett (1648-1725)James Amphlett (1625)Alice unknown (1626)
Robert Arbuthnot, 2nd Viscount of Arbuthnott (bef1648-1682)Robert Arbuthnot, 1st Viscount of Arbuthnott (c1617-1655)Marjory Carnegie (-1651)
Seth Arnold (1648-1720)Samuel Arnold (1622-1693)Elizabeth Biddle (1626-1705)
Mary Bigelow (1648-1704)John Bigelow (1617-1703)Mary Warren (1624-1691)
Henry Boyle (c1648-1693)Roger Boyle, 1st Earl of Orrery (1621-1679)Margaret Howard (c1623-1689)
Samuel Bullock (1648-1718)Richard Bullock (1622-1667)
Robert Calef (1648-1719)Joseph Calfe (c1609-c1650)Martha Unknown (c1609)
Pedro II of Portugal (1648-1706)John IV of Portugal (1604-1656)Luisa de Guzmán (1613-1666)
John Cecil, 5th Earl of Exeter (c1648-1700)John Cecil, 4th Earl of Exeter (1628-1678)Frances Manners (1630-1660)
Arabella Churchill (1648-1730)Winston Churchill (1620-1688)Elizabeth Drake (1620-)
Weston Clarke (1648-1730)Jeremiah Clark (1605-1651)Frances Latham (1609-1677)
Elizabeth Cooke (1648-1692)Jacob Cooke (1618-1675)Damaris Hopkins (1628-1669)
Robert Corben (1648-?)Robert Corben (c1622-1691)Alice (c1622-)
Thomas Cutler (1648-1722)James Cutler (1605-1694)Mary Barnard (1610-1654)
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35 children were born to the 26 women born in 1648

27 people died in 1648

 FatherMotherAge at death
William Alington, 1st Baron Alington (c1611-1648)Giles Alington (c1572-1638)Dorothy Cecil (1577-1613)37
George Allen (-1648)
Michael Bacon (-1648)
Rose Bond (c1570-1648)George Bond (1534-1592)Winifred Leigh (-1621)78
Mercy Bradford (1630-)William Bradford (1590-1657)Alice Carpenter (1583-1670)
Elizabeth Calveley (1609-1648)George Calveley of LeaMary Cholmondeley
Violet Charnould (1596-1649)John Charnould (1553-1615)Joane Ketter (1557-1610)52
Thomas Dewey (1603-1648)
William Douglas, 7th Earl of Morton (1582-1648)Robert Douglas (bef1569-1585)Jean Lyon (c1556-bef1610)66
Harbottle Grimston, 1st Baronet Grimston of Bradfield (c1569-1648)Edward Grimston (c1544-1610)Joan Risby (c1548-1575)79
Edward Lamb (1612-1648)Edward Lamb (1578-)Marie Lamb (1581-1610)
Christian IV of Denmark (1577-1648)Frederik II of Denmark (1534-1588)Sophie von Mecklenburg-Schwerin (1557-1631)71
William Payne (1565-1648)William Payne (1530-1587)Joanne Payne (1535-1594)
John Porter (1594-1648)John Porter (c1563-c1625)Sibyl Vessey (1561-1625)54
Richard Risley (1612-1648)Richard de Risley (1565-)Anne Hyde (1567-)
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2951 people lived in 1648

Aleid N (c1610-1675)
Anna Egges (c1630-aft1667)Egge JanszAnna Jans
Anna Jans (1645-1705)Jan
Anna Egges (c1635-aft1677)Egge JansAnna Jans
Antonius Cornellii (c1630-aft1671)CorneliusAntonia Laurenti (c1600-?)
Claes Dircksz (bef1640-c1667)Dirck Coop (c1580-1653)Griet Germents (bef1595-aft1663)
Dieuwer Claas (c1615-1679)Claas
Griedt Simons (c1638-bef1699)Simon (bef1638-)
Griet Germents (bef1595-aft1663)Gerbrand JacobszGuijrte Hillebrants
Jacobus Pieters (c1615-aft1649)Pieter
Maartje Cornelis (c1633-1661)Cornelis
Maria Jacobi (c1632-aft1671)Jacob (bef1632-)
Meindert Claas (c1633-aft1667)Claas Willebrods
Neeltje Dircks (c1645-1714)Dirck (bef1645-)
Hendrik Aalberdink (1639-1671)Teunis Aalberdink (?-?)
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Events of the year 1648 at FamilypediaEdit

50 people were married in 1648.

 Joined with
Anne Almy (1627-1709)John Greene (1620-1708)
Elizabeth Arnold (1614-)Thomas Hopkins (1616-1684)
Nathaniel Ball (1625-1705)Mary Mousall (1619-1669) + Marjory Knight
Martha Beach (c1624-)Richard Beach (1620-1674)
Richard Beach (1620-1674)Martha Beach (c1624-)
Mercy Bradford (1630-)Benjamin Vermayes (c1620-)
Robert Calef (1648-1719)Maria Trace (c1648)
Mary Capell (1630-1715)Henry Seymour (1626-1648)+Henry Somerset, 1st Duke of Beaufort (1629-1700)
Moses Cleveland (c1624-1702)Anne Winn (c1626-1682)
John Davis (1626-1703)Hannah Linnell (1625-1701)
Frances Dungan (1632-1697)Randall Holden (1612-1692)
Edward Edwards (1631-1672)Phillipa Worden (1628-1707)
Sarah Garfield (1616-1650)George Parkhurst (1621-1699)
John Greene (1620-1708)Anne Almy (1627-1709)
Ferdinand III, Holy Roman Emperor (1608-1657)Maria Anna Margarita of Spain (1606-1646)+Maria Leopoldine von Österreich-Tirol (1632-1649)+Eleonora Gonzaga (1630-1686)
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There were 0 military battles in 1648.

0.02236529989834 1.3461538461538 0.0091494408675025

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