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Year 1656 (MDCLVI) was a leap year starting on Saturday (link will display the full calendar) of the Gregorian calendar (or a leap year starting on Tuesday of the 10-day slower Julian calendar).

Events of 1656 Edit

January - June Edit

July - December Edit

  • July - In an attempt to rescue survivors of the Vergulde Draeck, a search party was sent ashore, in Goede Hoop's boat, which smashed against rocks and sank: 8 sailors drowned; 3 more disappeared ashore.
  • December - The pendulum clock is invented by Christiaan Huygens.


Ongoing EventsEdit


1656 in other calendars
Gregorian calendar 1656

Ab urbe condita 2409
Armenian calendar 1105
Bahá'í calendar -188 – -187
Buddhist calendar 2200
Coptic calendar 1372 – 1373
Ethiopian calendar 1648 – 1649
Hebrew calendar 5416 5417
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat 1711 – 1712
 - Shaka Samvat 1578 – 1579
 - Kali Yuga 4757 – 4758
Holocene calendar 11656
Iranian calendar 1034 – 1035
Islamic calendar 1066 – 1067
Japanese calendar Meireki 2

(明暦 2年)

 - Imperial Year Kōki 2316
Julian calendar 1701
Korean calendar 3989
Thai solar calendar 2199
See also 1656 births.


See also 1656 deaths.

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People of the year 1656 at Familypedia

59 people were born in 1656

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Johann Ludwig von Anhalt-Zerbst (1656-1704)Johann von Anhalt-Zerbst (1621-1667)Sofie Auguste von Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorf (1630-1680)
James Beers (1656-1691)James Beers (1628-1698)Martha Barlow (1632-1698)
Ephraim Bemis (1656-1738)Joseph Bemis (1619-1684)Sarah Finch (1620-1712)
Ruth Blogget (1656-1695)Samuel Blogget (c1633-1687)Ruth Iggleden (1632-1703)
William Bowes (1656-1706)Thomas Bowes (1607-1661)Anne Maxtone (c1609-1705)
James Browne (1656-1715)Richard Browne (c1630-1662)Mary (c1633-)
Susanna Cole (1656-1726)John Cole (1625-1707)Susanna Hutchinson (1633-1713)
Hannah Coolidge (1656-1699)John Coolidge (1628-1690)Hannah Livermore (1633-1678)
William Copeland (1656-1716)Lawrence Copeland (1599-1699)Lydia Townsend (1630-1688)
Daniel Eley (1656-1710)Daniel Eley (1629-1661)Rose Towerson (c1635-1661)
John Fuller (1656-1726)Samuel Fuller (1608-1683)Jane Lathrop (1614-c1680)
Unknown Fuller (c1656-1657)Samuel Fuller (1608-1683)Jane Lathrop (1614-c1680)
László Fáy (c1656-1694)László Fáy de Fáj (1619-1686)Katalin Monoky (c1635-1696)
Alice Warren (1656-)Nathaniel Warren (c1625-1667)Sarah Walker
William Kinsey Gooch (aft1656-1714)Henry Gooch (1635-1683)Millicent Goodwin (1634-1665)
... further results

40 children were born to the 32 women born in 1656

33 people died in 1656

 FatherMotherAge at death
Mary Arnold (1619-1656)
Christian II. von Anhalt-Bernburg (1599-1656)Christian I. von Anhalt-Bernburg (1568-1630)Anna zu Bentheim-Tecklenburg (1579-1624)57
Jan Jiří Bechinie von Lažan (c1580-c1656)Kašpar Bechinie von Lažan (c1535-c1600)Anna Bukovanský Pinta von Bukovan (c1555-c1610)
Judith Bechinie von Lažan (c1590-1656)Jan Bechinie von Lažan (c1555-c1620)Agnes Anna Malovcová von Malovic (c1565-c1625)
Barbara Borsita von Martinitz (1602-1656)Jaroslav Borsita von Martinitz (1582-1649)Maria Eusebia von Sternberg (1584-1634)
John IV of Portugal (1604-1656)Teodósio II of Braganza (1568-1630)Ana de Velasco y Téllez-Girón (1585-1607)52
Adrian Chadwick (1591-1656)Edmond Chadwick (1528-1578)Isabel Brand (1528-1583)
Margery Crane (1595-1656)Jasper Crane (bef1595-)61
Mary Delano (1635-1656)Philip Delano (1602-1683)Hester Dewsbury (c1605-1653)21
Ann Fisher (1600-1656)
Robert Gordon, 1st Bart (1580-1656)Alexander Gordon, 12th Earl of Sutherland (c1552-1594)Jean Gordon (-1629)76
Robert Harley (1579-1656)Thomas Harley (c1543-1631)Margaret Corbet (1548-)77
Jenneke Hijinck (c1650-c1656)96
Mary Iddenden (1573-1656)John Iddenden (1540-1588)Christian Glover Mercer (c1548-1597)83
Robert Keayne (1595-1656)John Keayne
... further results

3164 people lived in 1656

Aleid N (c1610-1675)
Anna Egges (c1630-aft1667)Egge JanszAnna Jans
Anna Jans (1645-1705)Jan
Anna Egges (c1635-aft1677)Egge JansAnna Jans
Antonius Cornellii (c1630-aft1671)CorneliusAntonia Laurenti (c1600-?)
Claes Dircksz (bef1640-c1667)Dirck Coop (c1580-1653)Griet Germents (bef1595-aft1663)
Dieuwer Claas (c1615-1679)Claas
Geert Jans (c1650-1693)Jan (bef1650-)
Griedt Simons (c1638-bef1699)Simon (bef1638-)
Griet Germents (bef1595-aft1663)Gerbrand JacobszGuijrte Hillebrants
Maartje Cornelis (c1633-1661)Cornelis
Maria Jacobi (c1632-aft1671)Jacob (bef1632-)
Meindert Claas (c1633-aft1667)Claas Willebrods
Neeltje Dircks (c1645-1714)Dirck (bef1645-)
Hendrik Aalberdink (1639-1671)Teunis Aalberdink (?-?)
... further results

Events of the year 1656 at FamilypediaEdit

54 people were married in 1656.

 Joined with
Sarah Allen (1639-1690)Josiah Standish (1633-1690)
Samuel Appleton (1624-1696)Anna Payne (1629-1656) + Mary Lowell Oliver (1640-1692)
John Atkinson (1636-1715)Sarah Merrick (1608-1687) + Hannah Noyes (1643-1705)
Mary Axtell (1639-1704)John Goodenow (1635-1721)
Samuel Baker (1639-1714)Ellen Winslow (1636-1676)
William Baker (1629-1679)Mary Eddington (1633-1655) + Pilgrim Eddy (1634-)
Richard Barnes (1631-1708)Deborah Dix (1641-1689)
John Barrett (1635-1711)Mary Pond (1639-1711)
Benjamin Bartlett (1633-1691)Susanna Jenney (1634-1654) + Sarah Brewster (1638-1668) + Sissilla Bartlett (1634-)
Joes Beckering (1630-1680)Aleid Wrede (1637-1680)
Sarah Brewster (1638-1668)Benjamin Bartlett (1633-1691)
Walter Clarke (1639-1714)Content Greenman (1636-1666) + Hannah Scott (1642-1681) + Freeborn Williams (1635-1710) + Sarah Prior (1644-)
Sarah Collier (1613-1691)Love Brewster (1611-1650) + Richard Parke (1609-1664)
Hew Craufurd of Jordanhill (1628-1683)Bethea or Bethia Hamilton (c1628-1702)
Deborah Dix (1641-1689)Richard Barnes (1631-1708)
... further results

There were 0 military battles in 1656.

0.018647281921618 1.25 0.010429835651075

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