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People of the year 1657 at Familypedia

45 people were born in 1657

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Eth Louwes (1657-1727)Louw Dirksz (bef1657-)Aeff Dircs (bef1657-)
Henry Adams (1657-1733)Henry Adams (1609-1676)Elizabeth Paine (1620-1676)
Sarah Allerton (1670-1731)Isaac Allerton (1628-1701)Elizabeth Willoughby (1635-1672)
John Baldwin (1657-1739)John Baldwin (1635-1683)Hannah Birchard (1633-1671)
Elizabeth Bigelow (1657-1694)John Bigelow (1617-1703)Mary Warren (1624-1691)
Dorothy Buckner (c1657-)Richard Buckner (bef1657-)
Susannah Cogswell (1657-1701)William Cogswell (1619-1700)Susanna Hawkes (1633-1696)
Joshua Conant (1657-1706)Joshua Conant (1630-1659)Seeth Gardner (1636-1707)
Dinah Dixon (1657-)Henry Dixon (1633-1667)Rose Unknown (1637-)
Edmund Dunch (1657-1719)Hungerford Dunch (1639-1680)Katherine Oxton (c1639-)
Hanna Emerson (1657-1738)Michael Emerson (1627-1709)Hannah Webster (1635-1708)
Mary Fanning (1657-1688)Thomas Fanning (1626-1685)Elizabeth Daniels (1633-1722)
Mary Flagg (1657-1720)Thomas Flagg (1621-1698)Marabelle Underwood (1619-1702)
John Grant, 6th of Glenmoriston (1657-1736)John Grant, 5th of Glenmoriston (1631-1697)Margaret Fraser (1629-)
Daniel Harrington (1657-1728)Robert Harrington (1616-1707)Susannah George (1623-1694)
... further results

24 children were born to the 19 women born in 1657

31 people died in 1657

 FatherMotherAge at death
Eleonore Marie von Anhalt-Bernburg (1600-1657)Christian I. von Anhalt-Bernburg (1568-1630)Anna zu Bentheim-Tecklenburg (1579-1624)57
William Bradford (1590-1657)William Bradford (1559-1591)Alice Hanson (1562-1697)67
Jeffrey Esty (1587-1657)Christopher Estey (c1552-)Ann Arnold (1586-)
Unknown Fuller (c1656-1657)Samuel Fuller (1608-1683)Jane Lathrop (1614-c1680)
Ferdinand III, Holy Roman Emperor (1608-1657)Ferdinand II, Holy Roman Emperor (1578-1637)Maria Anna of Bavaria (1574-1616)49
Pieter Huijberts (c1620-aft1657)Pieter Huijberts37
James Knapp (1627-1657)William Knapp (1580-1627)Elizabeth Reed (1563-1640)
Isaac Learned (1623-1657)William Learned (bef1588-1646)Goodith Gillman (c1594-c1635)34
Appolonia Lienhard (1592-1657)
Magdalene von Oldenburg (1585-1657)Johann XVI. von Oldenburg (1540-1603)Elisabeth von Schwarzburg-Blankenburg (1541-1612)72
Robert Pickard (1611-1657)John Pickard (1580-?)Unknown Hich (?-?)46
John Pickering (1615-1657)
Robert Pollok of Pollok (c1595-1657)John Pollok of Pollok (c1575-1596)Dorothea Stewart of Cardonald (c1575-)62
John Roddam (1615-1657)Edmund Roddam (c1589-1615)Margaret de Gray (-1647)42
Katalin Röthy (c1602-1657)Orbán Röthy (c1575-c1630)Borbála Mocsáry (c1580-c1605)55
... further results

2765 people lived in 1657

Aleid N (c1610-1675)
Anna Egges (c1630-aft1667)Egge JanszAnna Jans
Anna Jans (1645-1705)Jan
Anna Egges (c1635-aft1677)Egge JansAnna Jans
Antonius Cornellii (c1630-aft1671)CorneliusAntonia Laurenti (c1600-?)
Claes Dircksz (bef1640-c1667)Dirck Coop (c1580-1653)Griet Germents (bef1595-aft1663)
Dieuwer Claas (c1615-1679)Claas
Eth Louwes (1657-1727)Louw Dirksz (bef1657-)Aeff Dircs (bef1657-)
Geert Jans (c1650-1693)Jan (bef1650-)
Griedt Simons (c1638-bef1699)Simon (bef1638-)
Griet Germents (bef1595-aft1663)Gerbrand JacobszGuijrte Hillebrants
Maartje Cornelis (c1633-1661)Cornelis
Maria Jacobi (c1632-aft1671)Jacob (bef1632-)
Meindert Claas (c1633-aft1667)Claas Willebrods
Neeltje Dircks (c1645-1714)Dirck (bef1645-)
... further results

Events of the year 1657 at FamilypediaEdit

32 people were married in 1657.

 Joined with
John Adams (1638-1670)Abigail Smith (1638-1673)
Ursula Adams (1619-1679)Stephen P Streeter (1600-1652) + Samuel Hosier (1610-1665) + William Robinson (1615-1668) + Griffin Craft (1600-1689)
Joseph Alden (1627-1696)Mary Simmons (1638-1697)
Ruth Alden (1643-1674)John Bass (1630-1716)
Robert Babcock (1610-1694)Joanna Martha Philips (1625-1699)
John Bass (1630-1716)Ruth Alden (1643-1674)
John Belden (1631-1677)Lydia Standish (1640-1679)
Mary Bright (1639-1712)Nathaniel Coolidge (1634-1711)
Mary Capell (1630-1715)Henry Seymour (1626-1648)+Henry Somerset, 1st Duke of Beaufort (1629-1700)
Nathaniel Coolidge (1634-1711)Mary Bright (1639-1712)
Frances Cromwell (1638-1720)Robert Rich (1634-1658)+John Russell, 3rd Baronet of Chippenham (c1632-1669)
Samuel Fuller (1628-1676)Mrs Mary Fuller (c1630-)
David Gardiner (1636-1689)Mary Leringman
Christian Wilhelm von Brandenburg (1587-1665)Dorothea von Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel (1596-1643)+Barbara Eusebia von Martinic (-1656)+Maximiliane von Salm-Neuburg (1608-1663)
Abraham Howe (1632-1695)Hannah Ward (1638-1717)
... further results

There were 0 military battles in 1657.

0.01627486437613 1.2631578947368 0.01121157323689

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