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People of the year 1712 at Familypedia

70 people were born in 1712

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Abigail Allyn (c1712-1790)Joseph Allyn (1671-bef1743)Mary Doty (1671-bef1743)
Remember Baker (1712-1737)John Baker (1681-1750)Sarah Hurlbut (1681-1751)
Hannah Barnes (1712-1789)John Barnes (1666-1752)Hannah Howe (1677-1742)
Peter Bartakovics von Kiss-Appony (c1712-c1775)
Sarah Bartlett (1712-1767)Joseph Bartlett (1673-1750)Hannah Hyde (1673-1730)
Jacob Beers (1712-1763)Jan Beers (c1682-1762)Etje Cornelis (1687-bef1727)
Ruth Belden (1712-1782)Gideon Beldon (1692-1732)Elizabeth Seymour (1691-1733)
Engele Berends (1712-bef1733)Berend Berends (bef1696-)
Wouter Teunisz Bleijenberg (c1712-?)Teunis Jansz Bleijenberg (c1685-?)Jannetje Wouters (1685-?)
Ann Botting (1712-)
George Brudenell, 1st Duke of Montagu (1712-1790)George Brudenell, 3rd Earl of Cardigan (1685-1732)Elizabeth Bruce (c1689-1745)
Dorcas Cackamole (1712-)Joseph Cackamole (c1691-1747)Martha Unknown (c1691-1752)
Ion Cantemir (1712-1713)Dimitrie Cantemir (1673-1723)Cassandra Cantacuzino (1682-1713)
Jan Commandeur (1712-1782)Pieter Reijers Commandeur (c1660-1717)Neeltje Claassen (c1780-1743)
Elizabeth Coolidge (1712-)Richard Coolidge (1666-1732)
... further results

40 children were born to the 34 women born in 1712

51 people died in 1712

 FatherMotherAge at death
Joseph Arnold (1671-1712)Joseph Arnold (1626-1691)Elizabeth Wakeman (1629-1691)
Susanna Barnes (1676-1712)Thomas Barnes (1636-1679)Abigail Goodenow (1642-1678)36
Joseph Bartlett (1639-1712)Robert Bartlett (1603-1688)Mary Warren (1610-1683)73
Sarah Bearse (1646-1712)Augustine Bearse (1618-1686)Mary Hyanno (c1623-1678)66
Sarah Bemis (1643-1712)Joseph Bemis (1619-1684)Sarah Finch (1620-1712)69
John Blundell (1652-1712)Thomas Blundell (1627-1675)60
Mary Bright (1639-1712)Henry Bright (1602-1686)Anne Goldstone (1615-1649)73
Robert Campbell (c1645-1712)Colin Campbell, 1st of Blythswood (c1595-)Janet Muir
Petru Cantemir (1711-1712)Dimitrie Cantemir (1673-1723)Cassandra Cantacuzino (1682-1713)
Louis de Bourbon (1682-1712)Louis of France (1661-1711)Maria Anna von Bayern (1660-1690)30
Robert Cotton, 1st Baronet of Combermere (1635-1712)Thomas Cotton (1609-1647)Elizabeth Calveley (1609-1648)77
Richard Cromwell (1626-1712)Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of England (1599-1658)Elizabeth Bourchier (1598-1672)86
Vincent Ancetre Croteau (c1645-c1712)Andre Croteau (1622-aft1658)
James Douglas-Hamilton, 4th Duke of Hamilton (1658-1712)William Douglas, Duke of Hamilton (1634-1694)Anne Hamilton, 3rd Duchess of Hamilton (1632-1716)54
Benjamin Eaton (1627-1712)Francis Eaton (1596-1633)Christian Penn (1607-1684)85
... further results

3287 people lived in 1712

Anna Pieters (c1690-aft1718)Pieter (bef1690-)
Anna Hendriks (1663-bef1753)Heinrich Jansz (?-?)Engel Pieters (?-?)
Dieuwertje Ariens (c1680-1720)Arien (bef1680-)
Divera Doedes (1681-aft1723)Donatus Jacobus (1644-aft1700)Grietje
Dorothea Gerardi (c1670-1721)Gerard
Eth Louwes (1657-1727)Louw Dirksz (bef1657-)Aeff Dircs (bef1657-)
Lijsbeth Remberts (1707-1748)Rembert Jansz (1678-)Agnes Schuijf (1676-)
Maartje Cornelis (c1680-aft1717)Cornelis
Marij Pieters (1674-1743)Pieter Jansz (c1645-1700)Geert Jans (c1650-1693)
Neeltje Dircks (c1645-1714)Dirck (bef1645-)
Neeltje Claassen (c1780-1743)Claas
Pieter Olfertsz (1693-1730)Olfert
Trijn Simons (1710-aft1741)Simon Jacobsz (1672-aft1710)Marij Pieters (1674-1743)
Benjamin Abbot (1686-1748)Benjamin Abbot (1661-1703)Sarah Farnham (1661-bef1726)
John Abbot (1704-1793)John Abbot (1674-1754)Elizabeth Harnden (1756-1693)
... further results

Events of the year 1712 at FamilypediaEdit

48 people were married in 1712.

 Joined with
Thomas Adams (1688-1763)Mary Ellis (1691-1778)
Thomas Amsden (1685-1760)Eunice Howe (1692-1725)
Mary Backus (1692-1770)Joshua Ripley (1688-1739)
Nathan Baldwin (c1687-c1773)Elizabeth Rogers (c1713-aft1740)
William Bradford (1688-1728)Hannah Foster (1694-1778)
Mary Buell (1695-1774)Gershom Hinckley (1682-1774)
Elizabeth Carr (1691-1763)Ebenezer Kimball (1690-1759)
John Cole (1660-1748)Sarah Cornell (1671-1749)
James Doty (1686-bef1745)Phebe Slater (1693-?)
Mary Ellis (1691-1778)Thomas Adams (1688-1763)
Heneage Finch, 2nd Earl of Aylesford (1683-1757)Mary Fisher (c1687-1740)
Hannah Foster (1694-1778)William Bradford (1688-1728) + James Stubbs (1701-1731) + George Partridge (1690-1768)
Mary Gissedge (1681-?)Ambrose Lipscomb (1680-1714)
Elizabeth Harley (c1690-1713)Peregrine Hyde Osborne, 3rd Duke of Leeds (1691-1731)
Gershom Hinckley (1682-1774)Mary Buell (1695-1774)
... further results

There were 0 military battles in 1712.

0.021296014602981 1.1764705882353 0.015515667782172

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