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People of the year 1718 at Familypedia

62 people were born in 1718

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Lunbarg Bremer (1718-1786)Stoffer Bremer (1665-1737)Hille Lisabeth Hincken (1680-1722)
Abigail Brigham (1723-1777)John Brigham (1680-1779)
Jonas Brigham (1718-1789)David Brigham (1678-1750)Mary Leonard (1674-1741)
Paul Brigham (1718-1746)Elnathan Brigham (1683-1758)Bethiah Ward (1681-1765)
Sybil Brigham (1718-1807)Samuel Brigham (1689-1771)Abigail Moore (1696-1731)
Mary Brine (1718-c1782)Thomas Brine (1694-c1727)Martha Petten (1694-)
Hannah Browne (1718-1749)William Browne (1680-1752)Dorothy Giddings (1674-1738)
Maria Petronella Brunswik von Korompa (c1718-c1775)Michael Brunswik von Korompa (1671-1719)Margarete Theresia Vitalis von Vitalisfalva (c1685-1747)
Siegmund Brunswik von Korompa (1718-1759)Franz Brunswik von Korompa (1665-c1720)Magdalena Huszár de Szent-Baráth (c1675-c1750)
Abigail Burt (1718-1766)James Phillips Burt (1660-1743)Mary Thayer (1663-1713)
Zachariah Bush (1718-1800)Ebenezer Bush (1687-1757)Mary Miriam Taylor (1682-1752)
Somerset Hamilton Butler, 1st Earl of Carrick (1718-1774)Thomas Butler, 6th Viscount Ikerrin (1683-1720)Margaret Hamilton (c1696-1743)
Joseph Calef (1718-1793)John Calef (1675-1748)Debera King (c1679)
Mariana Victoria of Spain (1718-1781)Philip V of Spain (1683-1746)Elisabetta Farnese di Parma (1692-1766)
Amos Chase (1718-1818)Samuel Chase (1690-1743)Hannah Emery (c1695-1776)
... further results

29 children were born to the 22 women born in 1718

44 people died in 1718

 FatherMotherAge at death
Anna Pieters (c1690-aft1718)Pieter (bef1690-)28
David Alden (1645-1719)John Alden (c1599-1687)Priscilla Mullins (1602-1680)72
Israel Arnold (1649-1718)Stephen Arnold (1622-1699)Sarah Smith (1629-1713)69
Karl Wilhelm von Anhalt-Zerbst (1652-1718)Johann von Anhalt-Zerbst (1621-1667)Sofie Auguste von Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorf (1630-1680)66
Viktor I. Amadeus von Anhalt-Bernburg (1634-1718)Christian II. von Anhalt-Bernburg (1599-1656)Eleonore Sofie von Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Plön (1603-1675)84
Thomas Belasyse, 3rd Viscount Fauconberg (-1718)Rowland Belasyse (c1632-1699)Anne Davenport (c1630-)
Rebecca Bulkeley (1681-1718)Peter Bulkeley (1647-1688)Rebecca Wheeler (1645-1717)37
Samuel Bullock (1648-1718)Richard Bullock (1622-1667)
Benjamin Cheney (1675-1718)Thomas Cheney (1630-1695)Jane Atkinson (1634-1724)43
Martha Cole (1672-1718)James Cole (1626-1709)Mary Tilson (1627-1678)46
Jared Cone (1668-1718)Daniel Cone (1626-1706)Mehitable Spencer (1638-1691)50
Rebecca Cutter (1693-1718)William Cutter (1649-1723)Rebecca Rolfe (1662-1751)25
Mary Davis (c1652-bef1718)John Davis (1626-1703)Hannah Linnell (1625-1701)66
Mary Field (c1664-c1718)Thomas Field (1636-1677)Mary Burton (c1638-1670)54
Mary Finch (1677-1718)Daniel Finch, 2nd Earl of Nottingham (1647-1730)Essex Rich (c1652-1684)41
... further results

3191 people lived in 1718

Anna Hendriks (1663-bef1753)Heinrich Jansz (?-?)Engel Pieters (?-?)
Anna Pieters (c1690-aft1718)Pieter (bef1690-)
Dieuwertje Ariens (c1680-1720)Arien (bef1680-)
Divera Doedes (1681-aft1723)Donatus Jacobus (1644-aft1700)Grietje
Dorothea Gerardi (c1670-1721)Gerard
Eth Louwes (1657-1727)Louw Dirksz (bef1657-)Aeff Dircs (bef1657-)
Geertje Jans (1713-1752)Jan JacobszAacht Cornelis
Marij Pieters (1674-1743)Pieter Jansz (c1645-1700)Geert Jans (c1650-1693)
Neeltje Claassen (c1780-1743)Claas
Pieter Olfertsz (1693-1730)Olfert
Trijn Simons (1710-aft1741)Simon Jacobsz (1672-aft1710)Marij Pieters (1674-1743)
Benjamin Abbot (1686-1748)Benjamin Abbot (1661-1703)Sarah Farnham (1661-bef1726)
John Abbot (1674-1754)John Abbot (1648-1721)Sarah Barker (1647-1729)
John Abbot (1648-1721)George Abbot (1615-1681)Hannah Chandler (1630-1711)
John Abbot (1704-1793)John Abbot (1674-1754)Elizabeth Harnden (1756-1693)
... further results

Events of the year 1718 at FamilypediaEdit

43 people were married in 1718.

 Joined with
Pieter Olfertsz (1693-1730)Trijn Laan (1690-aft1730)
Abigail Abell (1689-1730)Barnabas Lathrop (1686-1710) + Christopher Huntington (1686-1759)
Iordache Balș (c1689-c1765)Irina Rosetti (c1700-c1739) + Maria Racoviță (c1695-c1750) + Paraschiva Purice (c1720-c1780)
Hannah Bellows (1695-1787)Thomas Forbush (1695-1783)
Sarah Bond (1690-1777)William Brown (1684-1756)
William Brown (1684-1756)Hannah Pease (1688-1717) + Sarah Bond (1690-1777)
William Capell, 3rd Earl of Essex (1698-1743)Jane Hyde (c1699-1724)+Elizabeth Russell (bef1711-1784)
William Cavendish, 3rd Duke of Devonshire (1698-1755)Catherine Hoskins (c1700-1777)
John Choate (1697-1769)Miriam Pool (1695-1769)
Mary Crosby (1699-1738)Eleazer Ellis (1692-1745)
Deborah Crow (1694-1728)Samuel Lathrop (1685-1754)
Edward Denison (c1678-1726)Mercy Hedge (1680-1715) + Anna Denison (1684-1775)
George Dixon (1692-aft1741)Margaret Furnace (c1696-aft1741)
Martha Doty (1692-1775)Ebenezer Curtis (?-aft1741)
Patience Doty (1697-1784)Kenneth Baker (1695-1771)
... further results

There were 0 military battles in 1718.

0.019429645879035 1.3181818181818 0.013788780946412

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