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Year 1827 (MDCCCXXVII) was a common year starting on Monday (link will display the full calendar) of the Gregorian Calendar (or a common year starting on Saturday of the 12-day slower Julian calendar).

Events of 1827Edit

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Naval Battle of Navarino by Carneray

Naval Battle of Navarino by Carneray



1827 in other calendars
Gregorian calendar 1827

Ab urbe condita 2580
Armenian calendar 1276
Bahá'í calendar -17 – -16
Buddhist calendar 2371
Coptic calendar 1543 – 1544
Ethiopian calendar 1819 – 1820
Hebrew calendar 5587 5588
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat 1882 – 1883
 - Shaka Samvat 1749 – 1750
 - Kali Yuga 4928 – 4929
Holocene calendar 11827
Iranian calendar 1205 – 1206
Islamic calendar 1242 – 1243
Japanese calendar Bunsei 10

(文政 10年)

 - Imperial Year Kōki 2487
Julian calendar 1872
Korean calendar 4160
Thai solar calendar 2370

January - JuneEdit

July - DecemberEdit

See also 1827 births.


January - JuneEdit

July - DecemberEdit

People of the year 1827 at Familypedia

165 people were born in 1827

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Henry Palmer Abbott (1827-1903)Thomas Abbott (c1774-1855)Eleanor Kingsmill (c1787-1873)
Edwin Painter Alden (1827-1904)Ira Alden (1799-1862)Elizabeth Packard Moore (1802-1870)
Georgina Charlotte Alderson (1827-1899)Edward Hall Alderson (1787-1857)Georgina Catherine Drewe (1791-1871)
James Riley Allred (1827-1872)Isaac Allred (1788-1870)Mary Calvert (1793-1851)
John Franklin Lafayette Allred (1827-1850)James Allred (1784-1876)Elizabeth Warren (1786-1879)
Rueben Warren Allred (1827-1916)Martin Carrel Allred (1806-1840)Mary Heskett (1810-1840)
William Jackson Allred (1827-1895)Levi Allred (1803-1870)Abigail McMurtrey (1804-1887)
Jane Elizabeth Arndell (1827-1897)Thomas Arndell (1799-1865)Sophia Loder (1803-1887)
Henry Ashcroft (1827-1896)John Ashcroft (c1780-1855)Elizabeth Ann Tebbutt (1790-1847)
John George Auber (1827-1900)John Auber (1783-1844)Elizabeth Helsdon (1784-1858)
John Hinton Baglin (1827-1914)Francis Baglin (1798-1876)Sarah Robins (1799-1848)
Henry Baldwin (1827-1864)Edwin Baldwin (1805-1868)Alice Clark (1810-1863)
Susan Barrett (c1827-aft1880)
Jane Eliza Beckett (1827-1909)Samuel Beckett (c1795-1827)Hannah Dalton (1793-1837)
Edward Beecroft (1827-1880)Edward Beecroft (1799-1857)Corah Maskey (1809-1881)
... further results

84 children were born to the 69 women born in 1827

95 people died in 1827

 FatherMotherAge at death
Mary Adams (1741-1827)Joseph Adams (1702-1790)Precilla Russell (1705-1765)
Archibald Ainslie (-1827)
Mary Amanet (1788-1827)Jeremiah Amanet (bef1788)Mary (bef1788)39
Samuel Auber (1750-1827)Samuel Auber (c1720-)Susannah Durham (c1721-1815)
Samuel Beckett (c1795-1827)James Beckett (c1758-c1808)Ann Calcutt (-c1821)32
Mary Brown (1774-1827)Samuel Brown (1740-)Mary Lee (1743-)
Josef Brunswik von Korompa (1750-1827)Anton Brunswik von Korompa (c1717-1780)Maria Anna von Adelffy (1720-1771)77
William Buckingham (1734-1827)William Buckingham (1701-1789)Jane James (1704-1790)
George Canning (1770-1827)George Canning (c1736-1771)Mary Anne Costello (c1746-1827)57
Henrietta Cavendish-Bentinck (1737-1827)William Bentinck, 2nd Duke of Portland (1709-1762)Margaret Cavendish Harley (1715-1785)90
Susanna Choate (1762-1827)Stephen Choate (1727-1815)Mary Low (1726-1769)65
Deborah Church (1783-1827)Joseph Church (1752-1829)Deborah Perry (1754-1808)44
Welthy Ann Cobb (1753-1827)Gideon Cobb (1718-1798)Abigail Dyer (1718-1808)74
Willem Davidzon (1752-1827)Dirk Davidzon (1716-1777)Lijsbeth Meijer (c1721-1791)
William Davis (1771-1872)William Davis (1748-1803)Anna Wilbor (1748-)
... further results

8149 people lived in 1827

Adrianus Aalders (c1779-1861)Hendrik AaldersMaria van den Spek
Cornelis Aangeenbrug (1802-1861)Johannes Aangeenbrug (1773)Trijntje Johannesdr de Graaff (c1777)
Hendrina Aarts (1805-1876)Godefridus Aarts (1778-1826)Elisabeth Damen (1787-1848)
Cornelia Ariens Abbenes (1795-1858)Arien Ariensz Abbenes (c1740-1806)Antje Jacobs Krijnen (c1757-1814)
Abiel Abbot (1765-1859)Abiel Abbot (1741-1809)Dorcas Abbot (1744-1829)
Abiel Abbot (1770-1828)John Abbot (1735-1818)Abigail Abbot (1734-1807)
Anne Wales Abbot (1808-1908)Abiel Abbot (1770-1828)Eunice Wales (1772-1831)
Dorcas Abbot (1744-1829)Benjamin Abbot (1686-1748)Abigail Abbot (1699-1753)
Elizabeth Abbot (1766-1853)John Abbot (1735-1818)Abigail Abbot (1734-1807)
Ezra Abbot (1772-1847)Abiel Abbot (1741-1809)Dorcas Abbot (1744-1829)
Hannah Abbot (1789-1871)William Abbot (1748-1793)Phebe Ballard (1752-1846)
Harris Abbot (1812-1884)Ezra Abbot (1772-1847)Rebekah Hale (1781-1860)
Henry Palmer Abbott (1827-1903)Thomas Abbott (c1774-1855)Eleanor Kingsmill (c1787-1873)
John Joseph Caldwell Abbott (1821-1893)Joseph Abbott (c1790-1862)Harriet Bradford (c1800-1873)
John Kingsmill Abbott (1805-1847)Thomas Abbott (c1774-1855)Eleanor Kingsmill (c1787-1873)
... further results

Events of the year 1827 at FamilypediaEdit

114 people were married in 1827.

 Joined with
Fairby Adair (1809-1836)Daniel Clark (1800-1832)
John Adams (1803-1834)Mary Catherine Hellen (1806-1870)
Mary Ann Adams (c1807-1875)William Pederick (c1804-1887)
William Ahern (1798-1871)Catherine Smith (1812-1877)
Hazen Aldrich (1797-1873)Elizabeth Manchester (1798-1821) + Polly Hand (1803-1829)
Hannah Caroline Allred (1808-1850)Andrew Hiram Whitlock (1805-1865)
Trijntje Appelman (1806-1859)Jan van Ophem (1806-1875)
Elizabeth Frances Appleton (1804-1839)Alpheus Spring Packard (1798-1884)
Alexander Dundas Young Arbuthnott (c1789-1871)Catherine Maria Eustace (c1793-1892)
Mary Rebecca Aspinwall (1809-1886)Isaac Daniel Roosevelt (1790-1863)
David Avard (c1802-1858)Sarah Harmer (1809-1876)
Thomas Backhouse (1803-1884)Harriet Hewit (1804-1864)
John Badger (1800-1840)Lydia Chamberlain (1798-1844)
Mary Foote Beecher (1805-1900)Thomas Clap Perkins (1798-1870)
Lewis Crum Bidamon (1806-1891)Nancy Sebree + Maryann Douglass + Emma Hale (1804-1879) + Nancy Abercrombie
... further results

There were 0 military battles in 1827.

0.02024788317585 1.2173913043478 0.01165787213155

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