1860 US Census, Minnesota State, Wabasha County, Lake Township, Pg 7


Page No. 7 - Schedule 1. Free inhabitants in Town III R12 Lake City in the County of Wabasha State of Minnesota. Enumerated by me on the 5th day of June, 1860. H. C. Simpson Asst. Marshall. - Post Office: Lake City.

Dwelling #78, Family #64 (Hotel)

  • Moses Montgomery
Louisa Montgomery
Thomas Jefferson Montgomery
John Montgomery
Kate Montgomery
Annie Montgomery
  • Sue Johns
  • Mary Noon
  • Nelly Sanderson
  • Thomas Holmes
  • Kate Holmes
  • A. V. Seigler
  • George Fiske

Dwelling #79, Family #65

  • Martin Johns
Mary Johns
Horace Johns
William Johns
Walter Johns

Dwelling #80, Family #66

  • James Tompkins
Elizabeth Tompkins
Mary Tompkins
John Tompkins
Ann Tompkins
James Tompkins
Michael Tompkins
Emily McCollum (Servant)

Dwelling #81

  • Unoccupied

Dwelling #82, Family #67

  • William C. Thistlewood
Ella S. Thistlewood

Dwelling #83, Family #68

  • A. M. Durkee
Maria Durkee

Dwelling #84, Family #69

  • J. H. Watson
Mary L. Watson
James Watson
Orville Watson

Dwelling #85

  • Unoccupied

Dwelling #86, Family #70

  • George S. Kent
Isabel Kent
George Kent
Ella G. Kent

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