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1912 in other calendars
Gregorian calendar 1912

Ab urbe condita 2665
Armenian calendar 1361
Bahá'í calendar 68 – 69
Buddhist calendar 2456
Coptic calendar 1628 – 1629
Ethiopian calendar 1904 – 1905
Hebrew calendar 5672 5673
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat 1967 – 1968
 - Shaka Samvat 1834 – 1835
 - Kali Yuga 5013 – 5014
Holocene calendar 11912
Iranian calendar 1290 – 1291
Islamic calendar 1330 – 1331
Japanese calendar Meiji


(明治 45 年)

— changed to —


(大正 元年)

 - Imperial Year Kōki 2572
Julian calendar 1957
Korean calendar 4245
Thai solar calendar 2455
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1912 (MCMXII) was a leap year starting on Monday (link will display the full calendar) in the Gregorian calendar and a leap year starting on Sunday in the 13-day-slower Julian calendar.

Events Edit

January Edit

February Edit

March Edit


March 27: Cherry trees for Washington, D.C.

April Edit

Stöwer Titanic

April 15: The RMS Titanic sinks.

May Edit

June Edit

July Edit

August Edit

Nlc amundsen

March 7: Amundsen and the South Pole

September Edit

October Edit

November Edit

December Edit

Date unknown Edit


1912 date-mark on the apex of a building at Springfield, Birmingham, England.

Births Edit

January–February Edit

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Deaths Edit

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Nobel Prizes Edit

References Edit

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People of the year 1912 at Familypedia

95 people were born in 1912

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
George Underwood Alley (1912-1943)George Underwood Alley (1868-1959)Mary Ann Temple (1887-1922)
John Sinclair-Wemyss Arbuthnot (1912-1992)Kenneth Wyndham Arbuthnot (1873-1915)Janet Elspeth Sinclair-Wemyss (1889-1982)
Dumitru Atanasescu (1912-1994)Nicolae Atanasescu (c1880-c1950)Gilberta Filotti (1888-c1955)
Afra Bakker (1912-1965)Nicolaas Bakker (1882-1959)Cornelia Besseling (1882-1951)
Amy Vera Bennett (1912-2008)William Henry Bennett (1873-1940)Amy Charles Wearne (1872-1914)
George Alfred Blunt (1912-1978)Harold Edmund Blunt (1884-1975)Ellen A Baxter
Cecilia Bowes-Lyon (1912-1947)Patrick Bowes-Lyon, 15th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne (1884-1949)Dorothy Beatrix Godolphin Osborne (1888-1946)
Lillian "Dolly" Britten (1912-1995)Louis Frederick Breitenbuecher (1884-1970)Lillian Hodge (1891-1940)
Dulcie May Bullock (c1912-1998)Samuel Robert Bullock (1884-1951)Daisy Gertrude Willis (1890-c1963)
Freda Buskirk (1912-?)Edmund Myers Buskirk (1876-1948)Florence Genevieve Challingsworth (1885-1963)
Leonard James Callaghan, 1st Baron Callaghan of Cardiff (1912-2005)James Garoghan (1879-1921)Charlotte Gertrude Cundy (1879-1961)
Marjorie Merry Margaret Commins (1912-1982)John William Commins (1882-1958)Elizabeth Mary Connolly (1889-1975)
Nicholas Conti (1912-2009)Angelo Conti (1874-1935)Marianna Marie LaBarbera (1882-1960)
Archibald Cox (1912-2004)Archibald Cox (1874-)Frances Bruen Perkins (1892-)
Agnes Eileen Cramp (1912-1975)Raymond Osbourne Cramp (1888-1973)Clarice Millie Underwood Alley (1892-1969)
... further results

27 children were born to the 40 women born in 1912

193 people died in 1912

 FatherMotherAge at death
Walter Theodore Alford (1871-1912)Jesse G. Alford (1838-1900)Narcissa McClendon (1840-1899)41
James Darwin Allen (1849-1912)John Washington Allen (1804-1852)Martha Ann H. Givens (c1816-1850)63
Wiley Payne Allred (1818-1912)James Allred (1784-1876)Elizabeth Warren (1786-1879)94
ฺByron Harvey Allred (1847-1912)William Moore Allred (1819-1901)Orissa Angela Bates (1823-1878)65
Mary Ann Anlezark (1840-1912)John Anlezark (1812-1889)Mary Ann Doyle (1823-1852)72
Mary Helen Anstruther (1839-1912)Philip Anstruther (1802-1862)Mary Frances Stewart-Mackenzie (1819-1913)73
Alice Maria Apps (1856-1912)William Apps (c1812-1886)Maria Brucker (c1814-1882)56
George Arbuthnot (1836-1912)John Alves Arbuthnot (1802-1875)Mary Arbuthnot (1812-1859)76
James Thomas Arndell (1852-1912)Thomas Arndell (1825-1907)Mary Hall (1829-1894)60
John Jacob Astor (1864-1912)William Backhouse Astor, Jr. (1829-1892)Caroline Webster Schermerhorn (1830-1908)48
James Poulton Baglin (c1835-1912)Daniel Baglin (c1813-1883)Ann Poulton (c1817-1879)77
Jacobus Bakker (c1890-1912)Leonardus Gerardus Bakker (1858-1945)Antonia Burgers (c1856-)22
Elizabeth Wooster Baldwin (1824-1912)Roger Sherman Baldwin (1793-1863)Emily Pitkin Perkins (1796-1874)88
Thomas Balgowan (1852-1912)William Balgowan (c1808-1887)Jannet Shand (1810-1880)60
Elizabeth Augusta Bateman-Hanbury (1832-1912)William Bateman-Hanbury, 1st Baron Bateman (1780-1845)Elizabeth Chichester (1799-1882)80
... further results

11761 people lived in 1912

Tsunekichi Yonogi (1905-2015)Shigeru Yonogi (1876-1940)Miyoko Yonogi (1882-1950)
Geertje Aangeenbrug (1871-1947)Pieter Aangeenbrug (1834-1908)Grietje Breed (1845)
Petrus Johannes Aarts (1867-1918)Johannis Aarts (1818-1900)Geertruida van Gog (1838-1897)
Charles Greeley Abbot (1872-1973)Harris Abbot (1812-1884)Caroline Ann Greeley (1836-1911)
Stanley Harris Abbot (1863-1935)Harris Abbot (1812-1884)Caroline Ann Greeley (1836-1911)
Blanche Edith Abbott (1885-1932)Joseph Palmer Abbott (1842-1901)Edith Solomon (1854-1935)
Joseph Palmer Abbott (1891-1965)Joseph Palmer Abbott (1842-1901)Edith Solomon (1854-1935)
Macartney Abbott (1877-1960)Joseph Palmer Abbott (1842-1901)Matilda Elizabeth Macartney (c1848-1880)
Thomas Henry Abbott (1870-1954)Henry Palmer Abbott (1827-1903)Elizabeth Anne Lord (1844-1926)
Elijah Stark Abel (1868-1925)Elijah H. Abel (1815-1882)Mary Stark (1840-1926)
Ethel Louise Abel (1891-1973)Elijah Stark Abel (1868-1925)Amorette Eliza Avery (1868-1939)
Alexander Abel-Smith (1904-1980)Francis Abel Smith (1861-1908)Madeline St. Maur Seymour (1862-1951)
Henry Abel Smith (1900-1993)Francis Abel Smith (1861-1908)Madeline St. Maur Seymour (1862-1951)
Roy Christopher Abercrombie (1888-1959)Frederick Abercrombie (1836-1916)Annie Utting (c1850-)
Pál Abonyi (1907-c1980)
... further results

Events of the year 1912 at FamilypediaEdit

138 people were married in 1912.

 Joined with
Blanche Edith Abbott (1885-1932)Frederick Charles Kater (1884-1968)
Emily Rose Adams (1874-1939)George Reginald Devlin (1881-1964)
Rachel Ann Albury (1847-1924)Richard Sheather (1844-1902)+James Brown (1856-1925)
Ethel May Anlezark (1889-1967)Harold Gordon Murphy (1885-1963)
Minnie Victoria Anlezark (1883-1964)+Joseph Gilmore (c1874-1911)+William Elliott (?-?)+William Charles Thompson (1877-1954)
James George Arbuthnot (1883-1964)Harriet (Hattie) Carrie Tache (1887-1951)
Robert William Leslie Balgowan (1888-1971)Margaret Neville (1891-1963)
Dorothea Rose Barnett (1885-c1959)Sydney M Kendall (bef1912)
Phoebe Bellamy (1879-1956)George Albert Edward Harrington (1876-1945)
David Cecil Bingham (1887-1914)Rosabelle Millicent St. Clair-Erskine (1891-1956)
Caroline Jane Blackman (1887-1965)William John O'Neall (1890-1949)
Bernard Blanch (1888-1964)Lilly May Pitt (1892-1931)+Bertha Eliza Sutton (1897-1974)
Henry Blanch (1854-1918)Margaret Ryan (1859-1901)+Agnes Bramble (1872-1907)+Isabella M Ward (1861-1929)
Neville Allan Blanchette (1888-)Grace Eileen Martin (1894-)
Albert Charles Blundell (1879-1955)Elsie May Douglass (1889-1954)
... further results

There were 0 military battles in 1912.

0.0080775444264943 0.675 0.016410169203299

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