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1920 in other calendars
Gregorian calendar 1920

Ab urbe condita 2673
Armenian calendar 1369
Bahá'í calendar 76 – 77
Buddhist calendar 2464
Coptic calendar 1636 – 1637
Ethiopian calendar 1912 – 1913
Hebrew calendar 5680 5681
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat 1975 – 1976
 - Shaka Samvat 1842 – 1843
 - Kali Yuga 5021 – 5022
Holocene calendar 11920
Iranian calendar 1298 – 1299
Islamic calendar 1338 – 1339
Japanese calendar Taishō


(大正 9年)

 - Imperial Year Kōki 2580
Julian calendar 1965
Korean calendar 4253
Thai solar calendar 2463
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Year 1920 (MCMXX) was a leap year starting on Thursday (link will display the full calendar) of the Gregorian calendar and a leap year starting on Wednesday of the 13-day slower Julian calendar.

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  • Hydrocodone, a narcotic analgesic closely related to codeine is first synthesized in Germany.

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People of the year 1920 at Familypedia

91 people were born in 1920

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Mildred Irene Augustine (1920-)John Frederick Augustine (1886-1970)Cora Arledge (1886-1963)
William Crawford Beeler Jr. (1920-1974)
Peter George Bell (1920-1980)Charles Kennett Bell (1887-1958)Ellen Amelia Booth (1885-1968)
Piet Bijl (1920-2006)Jan Bijl (1892-1973)Annigtje Mientjes (c1892-)
Vivienne Ethel Blundell (1920-1991)Everard Vivian Abraham Blundell (1895-1964)Ethel Annie Martin (1898-1975)
Gunnel Byström (1920-?)Karl Tyko Byström (1886-?)Helny Anna Elfrida Jakobsson (1892-?)
Joan Caddy (1920-1986)Frederick John Caddy (1885-1970)Doris Mary Lees (1892-1972)
Alexander William Calderwood (1920-1966)Alexander Henry Calderwood (1889-1941)Amelia Jane Llewellyn (1880-1939)
Andrew Robert Buxton Cavendish, 11th Duke of Devonshire (1920-2004)Edward William Spencer Cavendish, 10th Duke of Devonshire (1895-1950)Mary Alice Gascoyne-Cecil (1895-1988)
Elsie Chamberlain (1920)Bertram Thomas Chamberlain (1897-1988)Elsie Elizabeth Whittle (1903-1954)
William George Thomas Cornwell (1920-1992)William John Cornwell (1901-1958)Violet May Clift (1899-1953)
Dorothy Ruth Cross (1920-?)George Thomas Cross (1889-1957)Ruth Baker (1885-1978)
Pamela Beryl Digby (1920-1997)Edward Kenelm Digby, 11th Baron Digby (1894-1964)Constance Pamela Alice Bruce (1895-1978)
Paul Dimitriu (1920)Iorgu Dimitriu (1889-1954)Marcela Bogdan (c1895-c1970)
Stephen Elmer Doty (1920-1982)Elmer Stephen Doty (1882-1973)Nellie I. Crossland (1880-1964)
... further results

22 children were born to the 40 women born in 1920

209 people died in 1920

 FatherMotherAge at death
Henry Daniel Adams (1844-1920)Henry Adams (1797-1866)Elizabeth Clarke (1822-1870)76
Melvin Ohio Adams (1847-1920)Joseph Adams (1818-1891)Dolly Winship Whitney (1819-1901)73
William John Adams (1842-1920)Henry Adams (1797-1866)Elizabeth Clarke (1822-1870)78
Philo Washington Alden (1840-1920)Washington Brown Alden (1799-1859)Hannah Bartlett (1805-)85
Walter Auber Alexander (1848-aft1920)William Alexander (1812-1886)Sarah Catherine Auber (1810-1874)
Ethel Maud Anlezark (1889-1920)Andrew Anlezark (1862-1908)Ellen McDonald Love (1869-)31
Albert Henry Avard (1864-1920)David Avard (1839-1910)Elizabeth Newton (1841-1890)56
Henry Bailey (1837-1920)George Bailey (1812-1878)Mary Ann Porter (1806-1881)83
Maria Adelaide Louisa Baker (1855-1920)William Baker (1822-1907)Julia Ann Scanlin (c1824-1885)65
George William Ball (1849-aft1920)George F. Ball (1818-1893)Eliza M. Randall (1819-1879)71
Martha Barlow (1853-1920)Charles Barlow (1813-1901)Amelia Sherringham (1820-1896)67
Samuel Harborne Belcher (1835-1920)John Belcher (bef1833)Frances Unknown (bef1833)85
Minnie A Benger (1884-1920)James Marshall Benger (c1857-1902)Emma Douglass (1860-c1914)36
Marijtje Bergen (1869-1920)Jan Bergen (bef1869-)Hillegonda Ursem (bef1869-)51
Susan Agnes Bernard (1836-1920)Thomas James Bernard (c1800-1850)Theodora Foulkes Hewitt (1802-1875)84
... further results

10524 people lived in 1920

Tsunekichi Yonogi (1905-2015)Shigeru Yonogi (1876-1940)Miyoko Yonogi (1882-1950)
Geertje Aangeenbrug (1871-1947)Pieter Aangeenbrug (1834-1908)Grietje Breed (1845)
Charles Greeley Abbot (1872-1973)Harris Abbot (1812-1884)Caroline Ann Greeley (1836-1911)
Stanley Harris Abbot (1863-1935)Harris Abbot (1812-1884)Caroline Ann Greeley (1836-1911)
Blanche Edith Abbott (1885-1932)Joseph Palmer Abbott (1842-1901)Edith Solomon (1854-1935)
Joseph Palmer Abbott (1891-1965)Joseph Palmer Abbott (1842-1901)Edith Solomon (1854-1935)
Macartney Abbott (1877-1960)Joseph Palmer Abbott (1842-1901)Matilda Elizabeth Macartney (c1848-1880)
Thomas Henry Abbott (1870-1954)Henry Palmer Abbott (1827-1903)Elizabeth Anne Lord (1844-1926)
Elijah Stark Abel (1868-1925)Elijah H. Abel (1815-1882)Mary Stark (1840-1926)
Ethel Louise Abel (1891-1973)Elijah Stark Abel (1868-1925)Amorette Eliza Avery (1868-1939)
Alexander Abel-Smith (1904-1980)Francis Abel Smith (1861-1908)Madeline St. Maur Seymour (1862-1951)
Henry Abel Smith (1900-1993)Francis Abel Smith (1861-1908)Madeline St. Maur Seymour (1862-1951)
Roy Christopher Abercrombie (1888-1959)Frederick Abercrombie (1836-1916)Annie Utting (c1850-)
Pál Abonyi (1907-c1980)
Daisy Ethel Ackerman (1898-1969)Edwin Carlos Ackerman (1847-1917)Mary Priscilla Jane Freel (1854-1934)
... further results

Events of the year 1920 at FamilypediaEdit

128 people were married in 1920.

 Joined with
Leila Adair (1897-1989)Gilbert Marion Gates (1898-1973)
Elsie Mabel U Adams (1897-1987)Roy Courtney Curtis (1897-1963)
Mahidol Adulyadej (1892-1929)Sangwan Talapat (1900-1995)
Catherine Elizabeth Albert (1899-1991)Bertie Clarence Eggins (1894-1977)
John Vaughan Apthorp (1844-1940)Mary Sarah Sargent (1844-1908)+Louise L. Phelps (1878-1963)
Elizabeth Hilda Avard (1893-1961)Harry Perrett (1897-1983)
Petrus Johannes Bakker (c1891-)Geertruida van den Berg (c1895-)
Melvin Russell Ballard (1897-1982)Hannah Marie Covey (1899-1923) + Geraldine Smith (1904-1983)
Charles F Behle (1892-1967)Mabel E. Nicholson (c1891)
Clara Catherine Behle (1891-)Frank Lange (1893-)
Doris Manila Bird (1898-1954)Earl Edward Hedges (1897-1964)
Annie Elizabeth Bonney (c1902-1986)Henry James Everingham (1895-1981)
Allison Barbara Botting (1879-1956)Walter Gordon Wyld (bef1920)
Percy Leslie Botting (1900-1983)Annie Elizabeth Gifford (1900-1966)
Albertha Coralie Bridge (1896-2000)Walter John Jurd (1895-1962)
... further results

There were 0 military battles in 1920.

0.0086469023185101 0.55 0.019859369061193

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