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1956 in other calendars
Gregorian calendar 1956

Ab urbe condita 2709
Armenian calendar 1405
Bahá'í calendar 112 – 113
Buddhist calendar 2500
Coptic calendar 1672 – 1673
Ethiopian calendar 1948 – 1949
Hebrew calendar 5716 5717
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 - Shaka Samvat 1878 – 1879
 - Kali Yuga 5057 – 5058
Holocene calendar 11956
Iranian calendar 1334 – 1335
Islamic calendar 1375 – 1376
Japanese calendar Shōwa


(昭和 31年)

 - Imperial Year Kōki 2616
Julian calendar 2001
Korean calendar 4289
Thai solar calendar 2499
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Year 1956 (MCMLVI) was a leap year starting on Sunday (link will display the full calendar) of the Gregorian calendar.

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Chevrolet Bel Air 500px

A 1956 Chevrolet

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  • Lotte Herrlich, regarded as the most important female photographer of German naturism

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  • London Institute of World Affairs, The Year Book of World Affairs 1957 (London 1957) full text online, comprehensive reference book covering 1956 in diplomacy, international affairs and politics for major nations and regions

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People of the year 1956 at Familypedia

31 people were born in 1956

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Susanne Marie Pieloor (1956-1957)Rudolf Ernest PieloorMarie Antoinette Abalain (1931)
Larry William Aldridge (1956)
Mark A. Bales (1956-2015)Ted BalesBarbara Joan Goff (1935-2014)
Arthur William Bohmfalk III (1956-2011)Arthur William Bohmfalk (1937-1979)Joan Portwood (1932-2004)
Theresa Mary Brasier (1956)Hubert Brasier (1917-1981)Zaidee Mary Barnes (1928-1982)
Marvin Pierce Bush (1956)George Herbert Walker Bush (1924)Barbara Pierce (1925)
Roberto Calderoli (1956)
Shane Patrick Carter (1956-)Desmond James Carter (1923-1994)
Tonia B DenisonRay Laville DenisonBette Irene Burgess (1934-)
Theresa Feralin (1956)Jimmie F FeralinAnn Adelheid Lynch (1938)
Carrie Frances Fisher (1956-2016)Edwin Jack Fisher (1928-2010)Mary Frances Reynolds (1932-2016)
Edward W. Fitzalan-Howard (1956-)Miles F. Fitzalan-Howard (1915-2002)Anne M.T. Constable-Maxwell
Michael Gene Garrett (1956-2011)Carlos Eugene Garrett (1931-1988)Barbara Ann Hill (1936-2007)
Maurizio Gasparri (1956)
Mel Columcille Gerard Gibson (1956)Hutton Peter Gibson (1918)Anne Reilly (-1990)
... further results

1 children were born to the 8 women born in 1956

128 people died in 1956

 FatherMotherAge at death
Chandrashekhar AgasheGovind Agashe IIBhima Bapat
Albert Edward Anlezark (1881-1956)Thomas William Anlezark (1851-1893)Rachel Campbell (c1852-1943)75
Catherine Apps (1875-1956)81
Louisa May Austin (1893-1956)Frank Urquhart Austin (c1854-1916)Catherine Levingston (1856-1942)63
Albert Henry Bailey (1874-1956)George Bailey (1843-1908)Charlotte Taylor (1839-1883)82
Arthur John Bellamy (1878-1956)George William Bellamy (1835-1901)Margaret Elizabeth Ackroyd (1849-1922)78
Phoebe Bellamy (1879-1956)James Bellamy (1836-1914)Susannah Thomas (1850-1931)77
Frank J. Bishop (1888-1956)
Béla Ferenc Dezső Blaskó (1882-1956)István BlaskóPaula de Vojnich
Nicolae Boicescu (1885-1956)Alexandru Boicescu (1853-1893)Maria Elena Nicolescu (1854-1931)
Edward Beaumont Botfield (1855-1956)Edward Botfield (1814-aft1855)Mary Ann Blackman (1831-1864)101
Allison Barbara Botting (1879-1956)William Benjamin Botting (1848-1881)Allison Haynes (1854-1938)77
William Walter Boxsell (1899-1956)Joseph Arthur Boxsell (1871-1916)Janet Chilcott (1882-1966)57
William Rowland Bridge (1871-1956)John Thomas Bridge (1845-1887)Sarah Sadler (1845-1917)85
Ebenezer Brown (1866-1956)Stephen Charles Brown (1832-1910)Jane Steer (c1835-1884)90
... further results

4957 people lived in 1956

Tsunekichi Yonogi (1905-2015)Shigeru Yonogi (1876-1940)Miyoko Yonogi (1882-1950)
Susanne Marie Pieloor (1956-1957)Rudolf Ernest PieloorMarie Antoinette Abalain (1931)
Charles Greeley Abbot (1872-1973)Harris Abbot (1812-1884)Caroline Ann Greeley (1836-1911)
Joseph Palmer Abbott (1891-1965)Joseph Palmer Abbott (1842-1901)Edith Solomon (1854-1935)
Macartney Abbott (1877-1960)Joseph Palmer Abbott (1842-1901)Matilda Elizabeth Macartney (c1848-1880)
Ethel Louise Abel (1891-1973)Elijah Stark Abel (1868-1925)Amorette Eliza Avery (1868-1939)
Alexander Abel-Smith (1904-1980)Francis Abel Smith (1861-1908)Madeline St. Maur Seymour (1862-1951)
Henry Abel Smith (1900-1993)Francis Abel Smith (1861-1908)Madeline St. Maur Seymour (1862-1951)
Elva Alice Abercrombie (1921-1985)Roy Christopher Abercrombie (1888-1959)Alice Elizabeth Harker (c1888-)
Roy Christopher Abercrombie (1888-1959)Frederick Abercrombie (1836-1916)Annie Utting (c1850-)
Pál Abonyi (1907-c1980)
Daisy Ethel Ackerman (1898-1969)Edwin Carlos Ackerman (1847-1917)Mary Priscilla Jane Freel (1854-1934)
Ronald Cecil Ackerman (1919-1971)Raymond Jacob Ackerman (1888-1959)Daisy May Johnson (1887-1964)
Leila Adair (1897-1989)Jedediah Grant Adair (1859-1937)Florence Ellen Fowler (1860-1946)
Alexandra Adam (1907-1992)Heinrich Jakob Adam (1874-1941)Magdalena Presser (1882-1965)
... further results

Events of the year 1956 at FamilypediaEdit

31 people were married in 1956.

 Joined with
Fergus Michael Claude Bowes-Lyon, 17th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne (1928-1987)Mary Pamela McCorquodale (1932)
Hugh John Vaughan Campbell, 6th Earl Cawdor (1932-1993)Cathryn Hinde (c1932-)+Angelica Gräfin Lazansky von Bukowa ()
Agnes Muriel Chapman (1889-c1977)Arthur Leslie Moffatt (-c1946)+Albert John Lamb (c1889-1956)
Elsie Grace Cross (1889-1969)Alfred John Smith (c1886-1951)+Donald Fraser (bef1956)
Thomas Junior Darby (1933-1995)Margery Ann Olivera (1940-2002)
Ronald Ivor Ferguson (1931-2003)Susan Mary Wright (1937-1998)+Susan Rosemary Deptford (1946-)
Aladár Fáy (1926-1986)Éva Élles (1930)
Robert William Gorman (1932-2000)Thelma Arlene Weston (1935-1989)
Rainier III of Monaco (1923-2005)Grace Kelly (1929-1982)
Bevie "Elaine" JenkinsRonald Paul "Ronnie" Morgan
Waylon Arnold Jennings (1937)Maxine Caroll Lawrence + Lynne Jones + Barbara Rood + Jessi Colter
Mary Carroll Kearney (1913-1991)George John Box (1908-1982)
Helen Lindsay-Lewis (1916-c2005)Miklós Horthy (1907-1993)
Derek Main (1924)Jeanette Sheen (1938)
Mary Pamela McCorquodale (1932)Fergus Michael Claude Bowes-Lyon, 17th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne (1928-1987)
... further results

There were 0 military battles in 1956.

0.0062537825297559 0.125 0.025822069800282

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