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2001 was a good year for genealogists.

Genealogical eventsEdit

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People of the year 2001 at Familypedia

12 people were born in 2001

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Lilliana Bunn
Maria Ioana Cantacuzino (2001)Șerban Matei Cantacuzino (1967)Régine Villeneuve (c1968)
Drew Michael Chansky (2001)Mark Chansky (1968)Angela Renae Bookout (1970)
Gedeon Fáy (2001)Dániel Fáy (1967)Judith Tornóczky (1969)
Lili Fáy (2001)Zsolt Fáy (1967)Nóra Tasnádi (1970)
Khinana GilmerWilliam GilmerTricia Cannady
Seth Andrew Hamm (2001-)Rev. Jimmie Ray Hamm, Jr.Felicia Lynn Garrett
Eszter Molnár (2001)József A. Molnár (c1970)Piroska Fáy (1972)
Natasha Obama (2001)Barack Obama (1961)Michelle LaVaughn Robinson (1964)
Yannawat Praserttham (2001)Prashern Gattaponk (1980)Chotima Praserttham (1984)
Ty Maxwell StewartThomas Elmer StewartCara Lynne Denison
Pierre de Fáy (c2001)Ștefan Grigore de Fáy (1943)Ioana Glavce (c1960)

0 children were born to the 6 women born in 2001

44 people died in 2001

 FatherMotherAge at death
Farroll Jasper "Preacher" Alford (1916-2001)Samuel Nathaniel Alford (1885-1961)Hattie Jane Magee (1890-1973)
Albert David Bauer (1938-2001)Donald Henry Bauer (1900-1962)Laurel J Glazier (1907-1999)63
Irving Bennett (1906-2001)William Henry Bennett (1873-1940)Amy Charles Wearne (1872-1914)95
Theodóra Bihary (1925-2001)Károly Bihary (1899-1978)Irén Palik (1898-1975)
William Howard Blunt (1909-2001)William George Blunt (1876-1960)Winifred Mabel Hodges (c1879-1945)
Donald George Bradman (1908-2001)George Bradman (1875-1961)Emily Whatman (1871-1944)93
Mic Christopher (1969-2001)Henry Augustine "Harry" Christopher (1939)Catherine Veronica "Vaun" Heaney (1942)32
Leslie Maxwell Churchill (1910-2001)Nathaniel Churchill (1877-1945)Ida Blanche Fowler (1883-1964)91
Gladys Leila Cramp (1912-2001)Ernest Alfred Cramp (1883-1954)Grace Isabella Elvins (1889-1980)89
Yvonne Dionne (1934-2001)Oliva Dionne (1904-1979)Elzire Legros (1909-1986)
Janeth Hall Duckett (1925-2001)Ralph Curtis Duckett (1900-1991)Julia Gertrude Pierce (1901-1988)76
Hassie Viola Haynes (1905-2001)
George Melville Jenks (1903-2001)John Wallace Lawrence Jenks (1875-1953)Violet Ena Shouldice (1878-1906)98
Cleo Bernice Kimball (1913-2001)Crozier Kimball (1879-1966)Mary Lenora Roberts (1881-1937)88
Dorothy Evelyn Laughton (1913-2001)Archie Milton Laughton (1889-1964)Eva Mary Greentree (1893-1971)
... further results

636 people lived in 2001

Tsunekichi Yonogi (1905-2015)Shigeru Yonogi (1876-1940)Miyoko Yonogi (1882-1950)
Bhumibol Adulyadej (1927-2016)Mahidol Adulyadej (1892-1929)Sangwan Talapat (1900-1995)
Myron Strong Hopkins Affleck (1918-2002)Myron Hopkins Strong Affleck (1884-)Frances Perkins (1887-)
Marius Alexandru (1928-2003)Tatius AlexandruMaria Alexandrescu
Farroll Jasper "Preacher" Alford (1916-2001)Samuel Nathaniel Alford (1885-1961)Hattie Jane Magee (1890-1973)
Anthony John Allen (1927-2006)Leonard L AllenGertrude Florence Bruce (1901-1980)
Evelyn Patricia Allen (1919-2004)Albert Lynn Allen (1887-1950)Louise Virginia Hutcheson (1899-1983)
Michael Allen (1931-2006)Roland Allen (1898-1978)Violet Davy (1901-1982)
Lyle Roland Amlin (1938-2011)
Alberto Santi Antúnez (1931-2010)Bartolome Santi Bacque, SrDolores Antunez, Sr
Andrew Robert Coghill Arbuthnot (1926-2010)Robert (Robby) Wemyss Muir Arbuthnot (1889-1962)Mary (Molly) Coghill (-1986)
Neil Alden Armstrong (1930-2012)Stephen Koenig Armstrong (1907-1990)Viola Louise Engel (1907-1990)
Ellen Rosetta Ashworth (1915-2002)Daniel Gunner Ashworth (1876-1949)Sybil H. Decker (1881-1946)
William James Ashworth (1917-2005)Albert P. Ashworth (1872-1934)Jessie C. Patterson (1885-1965)
Louis Stanton Auchincloss (1917-2010)Joseph Howland Auchincloss (1886-1968)Priscilla Dixon Stanton (1888-1972)
... further results

Events of the year 2001 at FamilypediaEdit

12 people were married in 2001.

 Joined with
Jason Bateman (1969)Amanda Katherine Anka (1968)
Kevin Borland (1975)Phitsanu Ruasamran (1974-)
Petra Laurentina Brinkhorst (1966)Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau (1969)
David Kipp Conover (1941-2013)Catherine Ann Petrucelli+Eda Elizabeth Ours+Diane Joleen Sisler
Joanna Forbes (living)Jessey Mbong (living)
Piroska Fáy (1972)József A. Molnár (c1970)
Helen Elizabeth Hunt (1963)Henry Albert Azaria (1964)+Matthew McNair Carnahan (1961)
Maren Christine Forbes (1973)Jon Kooy (living)
József A. Molnár (c1970)Piroska Fáy (1972)
Neil Murray (1971)Joanne Rowling (1965)
Brooke Christa Shields (1965)Christopher Thomas (Chris) Henchy (1964)
Linda Jean Whiteaker (1947)Howard Coville

There were 0 military battles in 2001.

0.018867924528302 0 0.069182389937107

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