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The decade as a wholeEdit

This decade is expected to be called "the twenty-seventies" or the "two thousand seventies", and eventually just "the seventies".

Notable predictions and known eventsEdit





  • Sedna — In 2076, around May 31, the planetoid 90377 Sedna is expected to reach its perihelion, in other words, reach the closest it can get, orbit-wise, to the Sun. It is expected to reach a distance of 76 AU, or 76 times the distance Earth is from the Sun. Sedna has a highly elliptical orbit, thus it is difficult to locate —at its aphelion, it reaches about 942 AU. This date is subject to adjustment as Sedna's orbit is still being refined.

Religious referencesEdit

  • Bede computed that the world would end in 2076, extrapolating from Biblical references and the year of Jesus' birth[2]

Fictional referencesEdit


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