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The 22nd century of the anno Domini (common) era will span the years 21012200 of the Gregorian calendar.

Astronomical predictions for the 22nd century Edit

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  • Reich Star An RPG which takes place in 2134, it was published by Simon Bell and Ken Richardson (1991) under the name of "Creative Encounters"
  • 22nd Century is also an Alternative Punk Rock band from Vancouver, Canada.
  • 2112, an album by Rush about a man living in a dystopic society.
  • 2113 is name of the hidden track on Coheed & Cambria's In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3
  • FAT file systems support dates up to December 31, 2107.
  • The final scenes of The Timekeeper, a former ride at Disneyland parks, were set in Paris, 2189.
  • A New York restaurant is named Mars 2112.

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