This is an expanded caption for a tagged image in an Walker Land Holdings on Walkers Creek c1750 article showing the location of land holdings of Walkers, and selected relations, in the Walkers Creek watershed, c1738-c1760.

Item 6. John Walker Jr, 302 acres, 1753. This parcel lay between Walkers Creek and Hays Creek, with about a third of the area extending southeast across Hays Creek.

The identity of this John Walker is not clear. He may be John Walker IV (c1740-c1817), but unless he was the youngest child of John Walker III (c1705-c1776) and Ann Houston (c1705-c1765), who married in 1734, he would not be old enough in 1753 to have purchased property. Alternatively, this could the son of Alexander Walker II (? - c1785) (Sawney) or John Walker (?-1797 (Gunmaker John). The dates for both Sawney and "Gunmaker John" are not sufficiently understood to evaluate them in the same was as was just done for John IV.

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