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Centuries: 8th century - 9th century - 10th century
Decades: 790s  800s  810s  - 820s -  830s  840s  850s

Years: 826 827 828 - 829 - 830 831 832
829 in other calendars
Gregorian calendar 829

Ab urbe condita 1582
Armenian calendar 278
Bahá'í calendar -1015 – -1014
Buddhist calendar 1373
Coptic calendar 545 – 546
Ethiopian calendar 821 – 822
Hebrew calendar 4589 4590
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat 884 – 885
 - Shaka Samvat 751 – 752
 - Kali Yuga 3930 – 3931
Holocene calendar 10829
Iranian calendar 207 – 208
Islamic calendar 213 – 214
Japanese calendar
 - Imperial Year Kōki 1489
Julian calendar 874
Korean calendar 3162
Thai solar calendar 1372


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Byzantine EmpireEdit


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People of the year 829 at Familypedia

1 people were born in 829

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Unknown de Nantes (829-878)Lambert II de Nantes (-852)Theodrade of Italy (?-?)

1 children were born to the 1 women born in 829

0 people died in 829

45 people lived in 829

Bivin of Gorze (810-863)Richard, Count of Amiens (c780-?)
Hugh of Tours (c780-837)Luitfrid II of Alsace (740-780)Hiltrude (745-?)
Nithard (c790-c844)Angilbert (c750-814)Bertha (779-823)
Alpais (793-855)Louis the Pious (778-840)Theudelinde de Sens (769-794)
Arnulf of Sens (c794-?)Louis the Pious (778-840)Theodelinde of Sens (?-?)
Charles of Aquitaine (c827-863)Pepin I of Aquitaine (797-838)Ingeltrude de Madrie (808-876)
Charles the Bald (823-877)Louis the Pious (778-840)Judith of Bavaria (795-843)
Drogo of Metz (801-855)Charlemagne (747-814)Regina (c780-)
Gisela (c820-aft874)Louis the Pious (778-840)Judith of Bavaria (795-843)
Helletrud (c826-c866)Lothair (795-855)Ermengard of Tours (801-851)
Hildegard (c802-841)Louis the Pious (778-840)Ermengarde of Hesbaye (c778-818)
Hildegard (828-c856)Louis the German (c806-876)Hemma of Altdorf (808-876)
Hugh (802-844)Charlemagne (747-814)Regina (c780-)
Lothair (795-855)Louis the Pious (778-840)Ermengarde of Hesbaye (c778-818)
Louis the German (c806-876)Louis the Pious (778-840)Ermengarde of Hesbaye (c778-818)
... further results

Events of the year 829 at FamilypediaEdit

0 people were married in 829.

There were 0 military battles in 829.

0.022222222222222 1 0

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