Background: Template {{wp}} was intended to be used only for a short period in an article. After transfer from Wikipedia, contributors need to replace links to wikipedia content with [[Wikipedia:article name]] for links that don't have any reason to be at Familypedia. Those linkes that do belong (eg to people, events, or places of events in people's lives) would be left as wp links and a subsequent pass of a bot would transfer those articles over as well.

The problem: {{wp}}} replaces the sea of redlinks with functioning links but relies on the expensive function #ifexists. After articles have been created on these subjects, wp is still happily executing the unnecessary and time consuming #ifexists statement. Our job is to remove those.

The method: AWB replaces all occurances of {{wp}} with a subst that when evaluated will leave a hard link if the destination exists, and will restore the wp link if it doesn't. Simple. For example, save the following wikitext on a test page:

{{subst:#ifexist:Abraham Lincoln|[[Abraham Lincoln]]|[[Abraham Lincoln]]

XML settings fileEdit

Save the following XML to a settings file and load it.

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