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Aaron Burr, Jr.

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Aaron Burr, Jr. was the son of Rev. Aaron Burr (1716-1757) and Esther Edwards (1734-1807).






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Burr lost his parents early in life and was raised by his strict uncle, along with his only sister, Sarah (also known as "Sally".)

Burr's father had been both a minister and president of Princeton College, as was his grandfather, Jonathan Edwards, a well-known 18th century theologian. Early on, he studied theology, but instead decided to practice law.

He fought as a colonel in George Washington's army during the American Revolutionary War, and was at Valley Forge.

Burr practiced law in New York after the war, and served as the new nation's second Vice President, under Thomas Jefferson. The two did not get along, and Jefferson dropped Burr as Vice President when Jefferson ran for re-election in 1804. Burr sought the seat of governor of New York in 1806, only to be defeated after a well-orchestrated smear campaign, which were common in those days.

He blamed many for his defeat, including Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton, who, while he was in Burr's own political party, was a bitter opponent. After Burr failed to retract statements allegedly made by Hamilton at a dinner party before the election, Burr challenged him to a duel. The famous duel ended in

Burr served out his term as Vice President, and was later charged in a scheme to prompt the secession of the Western United States and set up his own empire there or in Mexico. He was acquitted of the charges, and died at the age of 80.

He married twice, the first marriage producing a daughter, Theodosia (Burr) Alston (1783-1813), who married, and was subsequently lost at sea, along with all of Burr's public papers, which were with her.

Burr married again at the age of 77, but was divorced shortly before his death in 1836. He is buried near his father and grandfather in Princeton, New Jersey.

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