Abigail Ann Woolsey
Sex: F
Birth: 1792
Death: 1845, Willoughby, Lake Co, OH
Father: Henry Woolsey (1767-1849)
Mother: Sarah Ann Woolsey (1762-1839)
Spouse/Partner: Rumsey Reeve (1789-1863)


Name Birth Death
Children of Rumsey and Abigal (Woolsey) Reeve

Joel Reeve (1823-1909) 1823

Henry Reeve


From Upton's History of the Western Reserve

- Abigail Woolsey was married to Rumsey Reeve before 1828. This was the year Rumsey and Abigail left their home to become pioneers of the Western Reserve. They headed for Ohio via the Erie Canal, and stopped in Buffalo to purchase an outfit. They then followed the road along the shore of Lake Erie. They then joined her father, Henry Woolsey in Lake County, OH.

- Upon arriving in Ohio, Her husband immediately purchased 300 acres of land to start their farm and raised cattle.

- Rumsey and Abigail were strict Episcopalians and would start traveling as early as 5 o'clock in the morning to attend Sunday services in Cleveland. Rumsey was raised Episcopal, and Abigail was raised in the Methodist church. This was one of the reasons that her father originally opposed their marriage.

- Her husband was in an accident where he was crushed when a tree fell on him while clearing his land. Abigail took up the task of running the household and farm after this. She was described as thrifty, successful and yet progressive. She was the owner of the first spring buggy in the town of Willoughby.

- She was also described in Upton's as, "...And though a woman of great kindness of heart, yet her manner was so grave and her appearance so inspiring that even those who knew her best and loved her most were in awe of her."

- About the Woolsey family: "This is the Woolsey family which has given so many brilliant men to the country and which has exercised so great and wholesome an effect upon its growth as ministers, lawyers, statesmen, diplomats and educators. To have its blood in their veins and to be born a Woolsey was to have a long start in the race where brains and the truest religious convictions counted. Rev. Theodore Woolsey, of Yale College, the founder of Cornell, etc., were illustrations."

- Rumsey and Abigail had six children. Henry, Sarah, Hannah, Polly, Enoch and Joel. [1]


Willoughby Village Cemetery, Lake Co, OH[2]


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