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Abraham Fickeisen

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  • Sex: Male


Adam is the son of Jean Adam Fickeisen (1791-?) of Hundheim, Pfalz and Maria Marthe Doll (?-?).




Abraham Fickeisen grew up in the Rhineland Pfalz and emigrated to the United States with his wife, Margaretha Mueller Fickeisen sometime before 1850. It is probable that he had little formal education beyond grammar school. He actually left Germany to escape the strict military conscription that was occurring there. Starting in New York State, he and Margaret gave birth to several children as they moved west, eventually ending up in Washington County, Ohio around 1857.

Abraham bought a farm of 40 acres in Lawrence Township and lived there for the rest of his life. His wife, Margaretha, continued to bear children, a total of 6 boys and 6 girls in all, until 1873. They were an established family in the German Community on Pleasant Ridge in Washington County, Ohio.

For a time, Abraham attended the Ludwig Church on Pleasant Ridge, but was later banned from it for not paying church fees for his family and his children. However, the family was firmly schooled in the Lutheran evangelical tradition.





  • Conversations of her son, James Fernand Andris, with Ella Lorene Sullivan Andris, Abraham and Margaretha's great-granddaughter
  • The Berg Church Records, trans. by Barbara Gerhart Matt, Washington County Genealogy Library, Marietta Ohio.

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