Abraham Cashow
Sex: Male
Birth: 1814
Oyster Bay, Nassau, New York
Baptism: February 13, 1814
Wolver Hollow, Nassau, New York
Father: Rem Cashow (1768-1816)
Mother: Maratye Bennet (1774-1830)
Spouse/Partner: Sarah Oldrin (1816-1894)
Marriage: February 11, 1836 (age 21)
Manhattan, New York City
Children: Mary E. Kershaw (1837-aft1872)
Isaac Kershaw (1840-?)
Anna Augusta Kershaw (1841-1931)
Sarah Kershaw (1843-1922)
Amy Kershaw (1847-aft1872)
Peter Kershaw (1849-bef1872)
1850 census Kershaw Olderon

1850 census

Abraham Cashow (1815-1850) died on his way to California during the California Gold Rush in 1850 or 1851.


His ancestors were from Holland.

Potential name variationsEdit

  • Abraham Kershaw
  • Abraham Kashaw
  • Abraham Cassou
  • Abraham Cashow
  • Abraham Kashow
  • Abraham Kashou



He was born in 1814 in Oyster Bay, New York.


He was baptized on February 13, 1814 in Wolver Hollow, New York.


He married Sarah Oldrin (1816-1894) on February 11, 1836 at the United Methodist Church in Manhattan, New Yor City.


New YorkEdit

Abraham and Sarah lived in Glen Cove, New York and moved to Manhattan by 1850.


He died after 1850. His last child was born in 1849 and in 1850 he appeared in the 1850 United States Census living in Manhattan. He died before 1872 where his wife was a widow named in the bank account of his daughter. Our Abraham may be the same person as Abraham Cashow (1814-?) who died on his way to California presumably in 1848-1850 during the California Gold Rush.


His widow went on to live in the Bridgewater, New Jersey and Somerville, New Jersey area.


Research Edit

  • Richard Arthur Norton (1958- ) writes in 2012: "It was originally assumed that they married at the Dutch reformed Church in Wolver Hollow but now that we know that the father of Sarah Oldrin (1816-1894) was from Britain and most likely was Anglican, they were probably married in an Anglican church. It was thought that Trinity Church in Manhattan was a good candidate but the marriage does not appear in their online records. It may be worth the time to order the records on microfilm to see if it was performed there but not transcribed legibly"
  • Here is an "A. Kershow dead" in Manhattan on 9 Jan 1854
  • Richard Arthur Norton (1958- ) writes in 2017: "Found the marriage of Abraham Cashow (1814-1851) and Sarah Oldrin (1816-1894) on 11 February 1836 at the United Methodist Church in Manhattan, New York City. He was my maternal third great-grandfather. He has been a problem for a decade because he was baptized and married as "Abraham Cashow" and his children called him "Abraham Kershaw" in the family papers, and they took the family name "Kershaw". He disappears from the records in 1850 and one document says he died on his way to California during the Gold Rush.


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