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Abraham Newell was born circa 1584 in England, United Kingdom and died 13 June 1672 in Roxbury, Massachusetts, United States of unspecified causes. He married Frances (c1594-1683) 1620 .


Offspring of Abraham Newell and Frances (c1594-1683)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Faith Newell (c1620-c1650)
Grace Newell (c1621-1712)
Abraham Newell (c1626-1726)
John Newell (c1629-1673)
Isaac Newell (c1632-1707)
Jacob Newell (c1634-1678)
Rebecca Newell (1637-1730) 15 July 1637 (Roxbury+ Essex County, Massachusetts) 23 March 1730 (Westbury+ New York) Henry Fowler (c1633-1687)


  • "Abraham Newell sailed from Ipswich, England in the ship 'Ffrancis', John Cutting, master, came to Massachusetts and settled in Roxbury in 1634. At that time he was fifty years old. The custom house records show that he was accompanied by his wife 'ffrances', forty years old, and children as follows: ffaith, fourteen years old; Grace, thirteen; Abraham, eight; John, five; 'Isaacke', two and Jacob, born on the passage. . . Abraham Newell was made freeman, March 14, 1635, died June 15, and buried June 15, 1672, aged, says record ninty-one years. His widow Frances died January 13, 1683, aged one hundred says the town records which greatly exaggerates." - Genealogical and personal memoirs relating to the families of the ..., Volume 2 edited by William Richard Cutter

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Facts about "Abraham Newell (c1584-1672)"RDF feed
Age at death88 +
Birth blurb1584
Birth date1584 +
Birth date-approxc +
Birth date string1584
Birth latitude
Birth longitude
Birth nationUnited Kingdom +
Birth nation-subdiv1England +
Birth place England, United Kingdom
Birth year1,584 +
Children-g1Faith Newell (c1620-c1650) +, Grace Newell (c1621-1712) +, Abraham Newell (c1626-1726) +, John Newell (c1629-1673) +, Isaac Newell (c1632-1707) +, Jacob Newell (c1634-1678) + and Rebecca Newell (1637-1730) +
Children-list1Faith Newell (c1620-c1650)+Grace Newell (c1621-1712)+Abraham Newell (c1626-1726)+John Newell (c1629-1673)+Isaac Newell (c1632-1707)+Jacob Newell (c1634-1678)+Rebecca Newell (1637-1730)
ContributorsUser:Elrondlair +
Contributors-display stringElrondlair
Death blurb13 June 1672
Death date13 June 1672 +
Death date string13 June 1672
Death day13 +
Death latitude42.325 +
Death localityRoxbury, Massachusetts +
Death longitude-71.095 +
Death month6 +
Death nationUnited States +
Death nation-subdiv1Massachusetts +
Death place Roxbury, Massachusetts, United States
Death year1,672 +
Desc1Faith Newell (c1620-c1650) +, Grace Newell (c1621-1712) +, Abraham Newell (c1626-1726) +, John Newell (c1629-1673) +, Isaac Newell (c1632-1707) +, Jacob Newell (c1634-1678) + and Rebecca Newell (1637-1730) +
Familysearch afn9BV3-C0 +
Given nameAbraham +
Ifmarried-g1true +
Joined withFrances (c1594-1683) +
Joined with-g1Frances (c1594-1683) +
Long nameAbraham Newell +
Notable ancestors
Page language
Remains date1672 +
Remains year1,672 +
SexM +
Short nameAbraham Newell +
Spouse latitude
Spouse longitude
SurnameNewell +
Wedding1 date1620 +
Wedding1 year1,620 +

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