Absolom Dean
Sex: Male
Birth: 1799 Edgefield, SC
Death: Oct.1862[1] Haralson, GA [2]
Father: Absalom Dean (c1748)
Spouse/Partner: Charity Abney (c1800)
aka Elizabeth M Dean d. Dec.1871 [3]

Absalom Dean (sometimes appears as Absolom) Absolom Dean born near 1799 with wife born near the same date was head of a household in Haralson Georgia. This article corresponds to data as reported to census takers on that couple, including their children.

There may be another Absolom Dean. The Absalom Dean (c1783) article corresponds to data gleaned from Familysearch that does not jibe with Census and other data.

Essential information on this individual has not been located; therefore this article needs attention. Feel free to edit this page to help everyone learn more about this person.
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Name Birthdate Birthplace Death date Death place
Children of Absolom Dean (1799) and Elizabeth M Dean
William Dean 1814 SC KIA CSA soldier
Andrew Dean 1816 SC KIA CSA soldier
Susanna Dean 1818 SC
Jefferson Dean (c1828) ca 1828 (or 1820) SC KIA CSA soldier
Marcus Lafayette Dean Nov. 16, 1828 SC 1871-01-30

Walter Dean (c1830) ca 1830 (or 1822) GA
Elbert Dean (c1824) 1824 SC

Simeon Dean (1836) ca 1833 SC
Franklin Dean (c1835) ca 1835 SC
Walter Dean (c1837) ca 1837 SC
Thomas Dean (c1840) ca 1840 GA
  • Marcus Lafayette served in the Civil War, 13th Ga. Cavalry Co. A 147th Regiment.
  • For more footnoted information on the children (click here)

Documentation notesEdit

Contradiction between Census's and other data: FamilySearch IGI database has multiple records in conflict with the census data- for example, it states that the mother of Simeon C Dean born xxxx is Charity Abney, born xxxx. Not some woman three times reported as being born in 1799. Family Search also reports Absolom as born 1783. His marriage to Charity Abney either in 1802 or 1812. Abolom Dean's Famsearch early children are each born 10 years later than the dates given in the census's. There are a variety of explanations, but until contradiction is explained, the earlier Absolom information will be kept separate in article Absalom Dean (c1783), and no attempt will be made to reconcile them until more information is gathered.

  • Unless indicated otherwise, data is from federal censuses and may be verified online by running searches on the given names and dates.

Children in the warEdit

  • There was an Andrew J. Dean in the 12th Georgia Cavalry. He is the only Andrew Dean listed for Georgia. He was in Company G and started as a 3rd lieutenant and ended as a 1st Lt.

Census 1830Edit

  • location South Carolina > Edgefield >
  • (2) boys under 5YO, (2) boys 5-10, (1) 30-40, (2) girls under 5YO, 1 20-30.
  • Neighbor "Tabetha"?"T"=L?S? Dean (3) boys under 5YO, (1) 20-30

Census 1850Edit

  • location Georgia > Carroll > Division 11
  • all children listed appear in the 1850 census. All are declared SC born with the exception of Thomas
  • Move from SC to GA can be placed between 1837 SC birth and 1840 GA (Thomas) birth.
  • Name on wife not given. "Absalom a D." is indicated. age 50.

Census 1860Edit

  • Georgia > Haralson > District 4
  • only Radford F age 20 recorded as "Serving", and Thomas age 19 are listed along with "Elizabeth M" as age 61. Absolom reported as 61 too. If he were the Absolom Dean born 1783, it's hard to believe that a census taker would report a 77 year old man as 61, or whether a 77 year old man or his wife would have any interest in lying about it any more for whatever reason.

Census 1870Edit

  • "Maloney Dean" (Probably Elizabeth M) age 70 is living with Simeon only in Haralson. Likely Absolom died before the 1870 census.

Is Elizabeth M Dean Charity Melvina Abney?Edit


  • Census 1850 shows that Absolom 1799 had a son Jefferson Dean. One of his children was named Charity M Dean.



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