Name Birthdate Birthplace Death date Death place
Children of Absolom Dean (1799) and Elizabeth M Dean
William Dean [1] 1814 SC KIA CSA soldier
Andrew Dean [2] 1816 SC KIA CSA soldier
Susanna Dean [3] 1818 SC
Jefferson Dean (c1828) ca 1828 (or 1820) SC KIA CSA soldier
Marcus Lafayette Dean [4] Nov. 16, 1828 SC 1871-01-30

Walter Dean (c1830) ca 1830 (or 1822) GA
Elbert Dean (c1824) 1824 SC

Simeon Dean (1836) ca 1833 SC
Franklin Dean (c1835) ca 1835 SC
Walter Dean (c1837) ca 1837 SC
Thomas Dean (c1840) ca 1840 GA
  • Marcus Lafayette served in the Civil War, 13th Ga. Cavalry Co. A 147th Regiment.[5]
  • For more footnoted information on the children (click here)

Caution: Please include data only from reliable sources (eg above information unless indicated otherwise is from 1850 Census or 1860 census on the Simeon dean family of Haralson, GA). Note that there are large contradictions between census data and Familysearch data. The family as documented above corresponds to data on the Simeon Dean family in Haralson, GA, as documented in the 1850 and 1860 census. Please excercise extreme caution when attempting to merge/ reconcile with data refering to Charity Abney as the parents of these children. These will be treated as two separate families until it is proved conclusively that they are the same.


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