Ada Lindauer (1882-1945), aka Adeline Lindauer, aka Adaline Lindauer. She lived with her two widowed sisters in Manhattan, New York and Rye, New York. She lived with widow Grace Lindauer (1873-?) Massey; and Sophie Lindauer II (1874-1945) Davis.



She may be the same person as Babygirl Lindauer (1881) who was born on April 15, 1881 in Hoboken, New Jersey. She was was born in April of 1882 in New Jersey according to the 1900 United States Census.

Death and burialEdit

She was buried in 1945 in Greenwood Union Cemetery, Rye, New York. She is in the same grave as her sister, Sophie Lindauer II (1875-1945).

Uncompleted tasksEdit

  • Call the Greenwood Union Cemetery in Rye to confirm her burial and ask if there is a tombstone. Ask about Grace too.
  • Order her death certificate from New York state
  • Write the library in Rye to see there was an obituary in the local newspaper.