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 Birth placeDeath placeFatherMotherJoined with
Adam Winthrop (1498-1562)Lavenham, Suffolk, England, United KingdomGroton, Suffolk, England, United KingdomAdam Winthrop (c1470)Jane Burton (c1470)Alice Hunne (-1533) + Agnes Sharpe (c1498-1565)
Adam Winthrop (1620-1652)Groton, Suffolk, England(New England)John Winthrop (1587-1649)Margaret Tyndale (c1587-1647)Elizabeth Glover (c1620-1642)+Elizabeth Hawkins (c1620)
Adam Winthrop (1647-1700)Boston, Massachusetts, United StatesBoston, Massachusetts, United StatesAdam Winthrop (1620-1652)Elizabeth Hawkins (c1620)Mary Luttrell (c1647)
Adam Winthrop (1672-1743)England, United KingdomAdam Winthrop (1647-1700)Mary Luttrell (c1647)Anna
Adam Winthrop (1548-1623)Adam Winthrop (1498-1562)Agnes Sharpe (c1498-1565)Anne Browne (c1548-1629)
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