Adam Winthrop was born 15 October 1647 in Boston, Massachusetts, United States to Adam Winthrop (1620-1652) and Elizabeth Hawkins (c1620) and died 3 August 1700 in Boston, Massachusetts, United States of unspecified causes. He married Mary Luttrell (c1647) in Bristol, Bristol, England, United Kingdom. Ancestors are from the United Kingdom.


Offspring of Adam Winthrop and Mary Luttrell (c1647)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Mary Winthrop (c1670)
Adam Winthrop (1672-1743) 1672 England, United Kingdom 2 October 1743 Anna

Adam was educated at Harvard and then went to Bristol, England as a merchant for a time before returning to New England as a military captain and government representative.

Vital statistics

  • Son of Adam Winthrop 1620A and Elizabeth Glover.
  • Born in Boston, MA on 15 Oct 1647
  • Died in Boston, MA on 3 Aug 1700 at age 52.
  • Graduated Harvard College in 1668 (see Sibley's Graduates II.247)
  • Married Mary Luttrell in Bristol, England
  • Returned to Boston in 1679

Children of Adam Winthrop and Mary Luttrell

Marriage and birth children occurred in England.


  • Historic Homes, Places and Genealogical Memoirs of Middlesex County - Vol I, pg 2, Publ 1908 - See Google Books

Namesakes of Adam Winthrop (1647-1700)

 Birth placeDeath placeFatherMotherJoined with
Adam Winthrop (1498-1562)Lavenham, Suffolk, England, United KingdomGroton, Suffolk, England, United KingdomAdam Winthrop (c1470)Jane Burton (c1470)Alice Hunne (-1533) + Agnes Sharpe (c1498-1565)
Adam Winthrop (1620-1652)Groton, Suffolk, England(New England)John Winthrop (1587-1649)Margaret Tyndale (c1587-1647)Elizabeth Glover (c1620-1642)+Elizabeth Hawkins (c1620)
Adam Winthrop (1647-1700)Boston, Massachusetts, United StatesBoston, Massachusetts, United StatesAdam Winthrop (1620-1652)Elizabeth Hawkins (c1620)Mary Luttrell (c1647)
Adam Winthrop (1672-1743)England, United KingdomAdam Winthrop (1647-1700)Mary Luttrell (c1647)Anna
Adam Winthrop (1548-1623)Adam Winthrop (1498-1562)Agnes Sharpe (c1498-1565)Anne Browne (c1548-1629)

Footnotes (including sources)


  MainTour, Robin Patterson

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