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Adelaide Carolingian was born circa 774 in Pavie, Lombardy to Charlemagne (747-814) and Hildegard (758-783) and died Error: Invalid time. in Italy of unspecified causes. Notable ancestors include Charlemagne (747-814). Ancestors are from Germany, Belgium, France.

Namesakes of Adelaide (c773-774)

  Birth place Death place Father Mother Joined with
Adelaide de Soissons (1026-1097) Renaud I de Soissons (990-1057) Adelaide de Roucy (?-?) Guillaume Busac of Eu (1022-1077)
Adelaide (c773-774) Pavie, Lombardy Italy Charlemagne (747-814) Hildegard (758-783)
Adelaide (c799-?) Louis the Pious (778-840) Ermengarde of Hesbaye (c778-818)
Adelaide of Italy (-) Pepin of Italy (773-810) Bertha of Gellone (-) Lambert I de Nantes (-c836)
Adelaide de Troyes (c955-c991) Robert de Vermandois (918-968) Adelaide-Werra de Chalon (920-967) Charles, Duke of Lower Lorraine (953-993)
Adelaide de Vermandois (1064-1120) Herbert IV de Vermandois (1032-1080) Adèle de Valois (c1052-c1096) Hugh de Vermandois (1053-1101) + Renaud de Clermont (c1075-c1152)

Sources and notes

‡ General
Ω Birth
  • Medieval Lands puts birth in range Sep 773 to Jun 774 "during the siege of Pavia".
¶ Death
  • Medieval Lands says "Italy [Jul/Aug] 774 ... She ... died during the return journey to France", citing "Settipani (1993), p. 203."


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