Full NameEdit

Adelaide Bourdelais

Adelaide Bourdelais
Sex: F
Birth: 12 Mar 1844 ,Repentigny, QC, Canada
Death: 5 Oct 1880 , Southbridge, Worcester, Massachusetts
Father: Joseph Breume dit Bourdelais
Mother: Marie Adelaide Ethier
Spouse/Partner: Charles Augustin Boutillet
Marriage: 18 Feb 1867 Southbridge, Worcester, Massachusetts
2nd Spouse: Jean Baptiste Caya
2nd Marriage: 19 Sep 1870 Montreal, QC, Canada


Name Birth Death

Raoul Caya 28 Aug 1871
Montreal, QC, Canada
4 Oct 1939
Ottawa, ON, Canada

Alphonsine Bernardette Caya 18 July 1873
Montreal, QC, Canada

Marie Adelaide Caya 7 July 1875
Montreal, QC, Canada
1 Oct 1878
Southbridge, Worcester, Massachusetts

Marie Josephine Eglentine Caya 30 Aug 1877
Montreal, QC, Canada
16 May 1941
Southbridge, Worcester, Massachusetts

Joseph Henri Caya 26 Sept 1880
Southbridge, Worcester, Massachusetts


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