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Four or more generations of descendants of Adolf II. von Saffenberg (1087-1152) if they are properly linked:
1. Adolf II. von Saffenberg (1087-1152)

2. Mathilde van Saffenberg (c1120-1145)
3. Hendrik III van Limburg (1140-1221)
4. Hendrik IV van Wassenberg (c1165-1214)
4. Walram IV van Limburg (c1168-1226)
5. Sophie van Limburg (?-1226) (more)
5. Mathilde van Limburg (c1190-bef1237) (more)
5. Hendrik IV van Limburg (?-1247) (more)
5. Walram II. von Monschau (?-1242) (more)
5. Katherina van Limburg (1215-1255) (more)
5. Heinrich V. von Luxemburg (c1216-1281) (more)
5. Margareta van Limburg (?-?) (more)
5. Gerhard de Durbuy (1223-c1298) (more)
4. Frederik van Lummen (?-c1212)
4. Gerard II van Wassenberg (?-1225)
4. Simon van Luik (1178-1195)
4. Judith van Limburg (?-1202)
4. Macharius van Limburg (?-aft1214)
4. Isabella van Limburg (?-1221)
3. Margaretha van Limburg (1135-1172)
4. Hendrik I van Brabant (1165-1235)
5. Adelheid van Brabant (1190-1265) (more)
5. Maria van Brabant (1190-1260) (more)
5. Margarete van Brabant (1192-1231) (more)
5. Machteld van Brabant (c1200-1267) (more)
5. Hendrik II van Brabant (1207-1248) (more)
5. Gottfried van Gaasbeek (1209-1254) (more)
5. Elizabeth van Brabant (?-1272) (more)
5. Marie van Brabant (?-?) (more)
4. Albert van Brabant (1166-1192)
2. Hermann V. von Saffenberg (c1125-1172)
3. Agnes von Saffenberg (c1158-1201)
4. Heinrich III. von Sayn
4. Eberhard von Sayn
4. Adelheid von Sayn (c1180-1263)
5. Johann I. von Sponheim (c1202-1266) (more)
5. Simon von Sponheim (c1204-c1265) (more)
5. Heinrich von Sponheim (-c1258) (more)
5. Hildegunde von Eberstein (c1202) (more)
5. Agnes von Eberstein (c1225-aft1284) (more)
5. Eberhard V. von Eberstein (c1227-bef1253) (more)
5. Adelheid von Eberstein (c1229-1282) (more)
4. Agnes von Sayn
4. Berta von Sayn (c1185-1244)
5. Irmgard von Berg (?-c1248) (more)
3. Tochter von Saffenberg
2. Adolf von Saffenberg
2. Adalbert von Saffenberg

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