Adolph J. Messerly (1906-1945)

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Name Duties State Unit Notes Memorial
Adolph J. Messerly [1] PFC OK 346th Infantry,
34th Infantry Division

Adolf J. Messerly

In 1942, was working as an Automobile Serviceman. Had 2 years of high school education, and no dependents.

  • Private, 346th Infantry Regiment, 87th Infantry Division U.S. Army. [2]
  • Awards: Purple Heart.
  • Killed in action during World War II. [3]
  • Height 66 inches weight 117lbs in 1942 when he was enlisted in Oklahoma City on 16 Jul 1942. His residence at the time of enlistment was Harper, Oklahoma. [4]


  1. ^ Was part of the 87th Infantry Division. Adolph was awarded the Purple Heart. Buried Plot E Row 13 Grave 40 Note at US Memorial site
  2. ^ his Service # was 38149756.
  3. ^ (source)
  4. ^ U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946

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