Adolphus Farrington (1845 - 1884) was a trimming manufacturer from London, Middlesex.


Adolphus Farrington was born in East London. He was christened on 16 February 1845. His parents were Andrew Farrington (1817-1855) and Margaret Niven (1821-1874). Adolphus married, in 1867 in Hackney, London, to Sarah Hannah Bottomley. The family lived in London City where Adolphus worked as a trimming manufacturer. The couple had the following children:

  • Alice Elizabeth Farrington (born 1869) married 1895
  • William Ernest Farrington (born 1871)
  • Edith M Farrington (born 1873)
  • Sydney J Farrington (born 1875)
  • Charles H Farrington (born 1877)
  • Alfred Harry Farrington (born 1880)

By 1901, Sydney Farrington worked as a hydraulic engineer. Edith worked as a general clerk. Charles worked as a blackfriars. Alfred worked as a ticket writer.
Adolphus Farrington died aged thirty-nine in London City in 1884.