Adrianus Cornelius Hogendoorn 'Ari' (10 October 1861 - 25 November 1923) was a landowner from Zuid-Holland.
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Ari Hogendoorn

Early LifeEdit

Adrianus Cornelius Hogendoorn was born on 10 October 1861 at Binckhorst in Voorburg, Zuid-Holland. He was the only son of Leonardus Hogendoorn (1829-1912), a councillor and alderman, and his wife Cornelia Hooymans (1820-1871). His mother had been previously married to Antonie Antonius Huijbers (1816-1860). Cornelia and Antonie had the following children, who were Ari's half-siblings: Gerardus Simon Huijbers (1844-1844), who died at two weeks of age, Joannes Anthonius Hogendoorn (1845-1921), a farmer, Theodora Margaretha Hogendoorn (1847-1900), Gerardus Pieter Hogendoorn (1848-1914), a farmer, Anthonius Johannes Hogendoorn (1849-1912), a priest who lived in India, Petronella Johanna Hogendoorn (1850-1934), Catharina Cornelia Hogendoorn (1851-1909), Leonardus Petrus Hogendoorn (1853-1900), a salesman, Helena Maria Hogendoorn (1854-1855), Petrus Gerardus Hogendoorn (1855-1892), Maria Cornelia Hogendoorn (1857-1933) and Jacobus Johannes Hogendoorn (1859-1859), who died at seven months of age. When Ari was nine years old, his mother passed away. She was fifty years old and left her husband to care for Ari and all her children by Antonie Huijbers. The eldest of these was twenty-six and the youngest was fourteen.

Marriage & ChildrenEdit

On 14 May 1890 in Den Haag, Zuid-Holland, the twenty-eight year old Ari Hogendoorn married Cornelia Wilhelmina Hogendoorn (1867-1957) 'Cor.' The marriage lasted thirty-three years (until Ari's death) and produced ten children:

Personal LifeEdit

Ari was a Catholic. He was a farmer and a landowner and after his death his widow continued renting out the houses. The farm Binckhorst where he had been born went up in flames in 1933, ten years after his death. Adrianus suffered from a 'prolonged, painful' illness patiently and passed away on Sunday 25 November 1923 in his home. He was sixty-two years old and survived by his wife and five of his children.