Aeffi Kinetis (c1584-aft1616)
Aeffi Kinetis
Sex: Female
Birth: circa 1578
Fredrikstad, Norway
Death: after 1616
Spouse/Partner: Andries Arentse Bradt (c1578-aft1616)
Children: Albert Andrieszen Bradt (1607-1686)
Arent Andrieszen Bradt (1616-1663)


Many "genealogies" report Aeffi Kinetis was born around 1584 in Fredrikstad, Norway. She is also variously described as a Mohawk Indian Princess. Unfortunately she is a complete fabrication. Search "Kinetis Myth" on the web, or look up the article written about this in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record.


Aeffi was married to Andries Arentse Bradt (c1578-aft1607) in Norway.

Children by Andries BradtEdit

The known children of Andries and Aeffi are as follows: Template:Showinfo children

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