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!LIBRARY: Of Lynn Ransom Burton; Agnes Amelia was blessed by
James B. Jardine. Bapt by Nathan Smith, Jr. 4 Feb 1895. Conf 7 Feb 1895
by James R. Ransom; Her schooling commenced at Cleveland, ID;
Height 5'6", Blue eyes, light brown hair;
Asst. Secy in Sunday School in the Cleveland Ward,
Bannock Stake, 1903; Secy in Primary in the Rose Hill Branch
for six years; A Ward was finally created at Rose Hill and
the name was Wilson Ward, a branch from the Cleveland Ward;
Agnes Amelia was a teacher in Mutual in the Wilson Ward; She
was also a Relief Society teacher there; Moved to Cambridge
Ward near Downey, ID, Portneuf Stake; Was Relief Society
teacher there also; Chosen as President of Primary in April
or May (1919?), just beginning to start work in that
organization when her husband decided to move back to Cleveland,
and there she became President of the Primary in the Wilson
Ward and held that office until moving to Preston in the
year 1922, where she was a Relief Society teacher and Primary
teacher; "Logan, UT 8 Feb 1949, I helped with 14 children
sealings after doing 2 endowments; 31 Mar 1949, I did 8
children's sealings and 1 endowment."

Date:15 Oct 1886
Location:at Trenton, Cache, Utah, USA

Date:7 Apr 1969
Location:at Brigham City, Box Elder, Utah, USA

Date:13 Feb 1887
Location:at Trenton, Cache, Utah, USA

Date:4 Apr 1969
Location:at Brigham City, Box Elder, Utah, USA

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wikipedia:Agnes Amelia Ransom





  1. George Burton and Ellen Descendants of George Burton and Ellen
  2. Dan Burton NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages

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