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Agnes Turnbull was born 6 April 1834 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, United Kingdom to James Turnbull (1798-1858) and Margaret Weddell (1803-1878) and died 3 November 1889 in Footscray, Victoria, Australia of unspecified causes. She married John Joseph White (1835-1917) 5 July 1859 in St. George in the East, London, England, United Kingdom. Ancestors are from the United Kingdom, Scotland.

Born in Edinburgh the daughter of the Rev. James Turnbull, minister in the Relief Church and his spouse Margaret Weddell. The family moved to Sydenham near London around 1845 and then to East Grinstead. She married John Joseph White, a master mariner, while living in East Grinstead where her first daughter was born. Around 1861, John Joseph White moved his entire family to Footscray, Victoria, Australia and with his brother ran a trading service between Australia and New Zealand.


Offspring of Agnes Turnbull and John Joseph White (1835-1917)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Maggie Weddell Turnbull White (1860-1930) June 1860 East Grinstead, Surrey, England Victoria, Australia Gustav Adolph Eustace Heinrich Schmode

Josephine Susan Sadie White (1862)

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Facts about "Agnes Fairbairn Turnbull (1834-1889)"RDF feed
Age at death55 +
AncestryUnited Kingdom + and Scotland +
Birth blurb6 April 1834
Birth countyMidlothian +
Birth date6 April 1834 +
Birth date string6 April 1834
Birth day6 +
Birth latitude55.953 +
Birth localityEdinburgh +
Birth longitude-3.189 +
Birth month4 +
Birth nationUnited Kingdom +
Birth nation-subdiv1Scotland +
Birth place Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, United Kingdom
Birth year1,834 +
Children-g1Maggie Weddell Turnbull White (1860-1930) + and Josephine Susan Sadie White (1862) +
Children-list1Maggie Weddell Turnbull White (1860-1930) + Josephine Susan Sadie White (1862)
Death blurb3 November 1889
Death date3 November 1889 +
Death date string3 November 1889
Death day3 +
Death latitude
Death localityFootscray, Victoria +
Death longitude
Death month11 +
Death nationAustralia +
Death nation-subdiv1Victoria +
Death place Footscray, Victoria, Australia
Death year1,889 +
Desc1Maggie Weddell Turnbull White (1860-1930) + and Josephine Susan Sadie White (1862) +
FatherJames Turnbull (1798-1858) +
Given nameAgnes +
Ifmarried-g1true +
ImageAgnes +
Joined withJohn Joseph White (1835-1917) +
Joined with-g1John Joseph White (1835-1917) +
Long nameAgnes Turnbull +
Middle nameFairbairn +
MotherMargaret Weddell (1803-1878) +
Notable ancestors
Page language
SexF +
Short nameAgnes Turnbull +
Spouse latitude51.507 +
Spouse longitude-0.128 +
SurnameTurnbull +
Wedding1 addressSt. George in the East +
Wedding1 date5 July 1859 +
Wedding1 day5 +
Wedding1 localityLondon +
Wedding1 month7 +
Wedding1 nationUnited Kingdom +
Wedding1 nation-subdiv1England +
Wedding1 place St. George in the East, London, England, United Kingdom
Wedding1 year1,859 +

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