Agnes de Poitou was born 1052 to William VIII of Aquitaine (1025-1086) and Matoeda and died 1078 of unspecified causes. She married Alfonso VI of León and Castile (1040-1109) 1069 JL . She married Élie I du Maine (c1042-1110) 1109 JL . Notable ancestors include Charlemagne (747-814). Ancestors are from France, Germany, Belgium.



Namesakes of Agnes of Aquitaine (1052-1078)

 Birth placeDeath placeFatherMotherJoined with
Agnes of Poitou (c1025-1077)RomeWilliam V of Aquitaine (969-1030)Agnes de Bourgogne (c995-1068)Heinrich III of the Holy Roman Empire (1017-1056)
Agnes of Aquitaine (1052-1078)William VIII of Aquitaine (1025-1086)MatoedaAlfonso VI of León and Castile (1040-1109) + Élie I du Maine (c1042-1110)
Agnes of Aquitaine (?-1097)William VIII of Aquitaine (1025-1086)Hildegard de Bourgogne (c1056-1104)Peter I of Aragon and Navarre (c1068-1104)
Agnes of Aquitaine (aft1060-c1078)William VII of Aquitaine (1023-1058)ErmesindePeter I de Savoie (c1048-1078)
Agnes de Poitiers (?-1159)William IX of Aquitaine (1071-1126)Mahaut-Philippa de Toulouse (c1070-1117)Aimery V de Thouars (c1095-1127) + Ramiro II of Aragon (c1075-1157)

Footnotes (including sources)

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