Albert Andrieszen Bradt


Albert was born 1607 in Fredrikstad, Norway, to parents Andries Arentse Bradt (c1578-aft1607) and Aeffi Kinetis (c1584-aft1616)


On April 11, 1632, Albert married Annetje Barentse Van Rotmer (1608-1661) in the Netherlands.


Albert arrived in New York around 1635. He was one of the earliest Norwegian settlers in New Netherland. In the early records he is often called Albert the Norman.

Occupation as Tobacco Farmer

Albert was a tobacco farmer. His 1637 tobacco plot near the Normanskill was near his house and included one or more barns. Albert's brother Arent aided in the tobacco project. The tobacco from Albert's farm was described as poor and thin.

Other Business Ventures

He also ran sawmills for many years, and cooperated with his sons and sons-in-law in several business ventures. He also became a fur trader.


Albert was described as a man of strange character, an industrious but volatile man. Albert was admonished for abusing his family and for not keeping good accounts.


Albert was a leader of the underground Lutheran congregation which was not allowed to worship openly in Albany until after the village came under English rule.

Land Ownership

In addition to his land in Albany, Albert acquierd property in Manhattan.

Children by Annetje Van Rotmer

The following are the known children of Albert and Annetje:


Offspring of Albert Andrieszen Bradt and Annetje Barentse Van Rotmer (1608-1661)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Aefje Albertszen Bradt (1633-c1689)
Barent Albertszen Bradt (1634-1716)
Storm Albertszen Bradt (1636-?)
Engeltje Albertszen Bradt (1637-?)
Gisseltje Albertszen Bradt (1640-?)
Andries Albertszen Bradt (1642-?)
Jan Albertszen Bradt (1648-?)
Dirck Albertszen Bradt (1650-?)


Albert died June 7, 1686 in Albany, New York.

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