Albert Edward Ford (1887-1940)

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Facts about "Albert Edward Ford (1887-1940)"RDF feed
Age at death53 +
AncestryAustralia + and United Kingdom +
Birth blurb10 November 1887
Birth date10 November 1887 +
Birth date string10 November 1887
Birth day10 +
Birth latitude
Birth localityPeelwood, New South Wales +
Birth longitude
Birth month11 +
Birth nationAustralia +
Birth nation-subdiv1New South Wales +
Birth place Peelwood, New South Wales, Australia
Birth year1,887 +
Children-g1Francis Ford (1916-1942) + and Colin Albert Ford (1918-1953) +
Children-list1Francis Ford (1916-1942)+Colin Albert Ford (1918-1953)
ContributorsUser:Yewenyi +
Contributors-display stringYewenyi
Death blurb6 May 1940
Death date6 May 1940 +
Death date string6 May 1940
Death day6 +
Death latitude-34.45 +
Death localityCrookwell, New South Wales +
Death longitude149.467 +
Death month5 +
Death nationAustralia +
Death nation-subdiv1New South Wales +
Death place Crookwell, New South Wales, Australia
Death year1,940 +
Desc1Francis Ford (1916-1942) + and Colin Albert Ford (1918-1953) +
FatherJames Henry Ford (1858-1949) +
Given nameAlbert +
Ifmarried-g1true +
Joined withKatherine Ann Hearne (1891-c1977) +
Joined with-g1Katherine Ann Hearne (1891-c1977) +
Long nameAlbert Edward Ford +
Middle nameEdward +
MotherCatherine Anne Johnstone (1862-1934) +
Notable ancestors
Page language
SexM +
Short nameAlbert Edward Ford +
SourcesShirley Clark

<new note>AWT: [http://aShirley Clark <new note>AWT: db: jml1761, id: I5650 <new note>AWT: db: russell20, id: I4991

<new note>AWT: db: yewenyi, id: I18025yewenyi&id=I18025 db: yewenyi, id: I18025]
Spouse latitude
Spouse longitude
SurnameFord +
Wedding1 date1916 +
Wedding1 localityCrookwell, New South Wales +
Wedding1 nationAustralia +
Wedding1 nation-subdiv1New South Wales +
Wedding1 place Crookwell, New South Wales, Australia
Wedding1 year1,916 +

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